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Merge Dragons Levels Guide

The merge dragons levels chart below will show you the names, chalice costs, chests you get, rewards, and if there are any challenges associated with the level. Rewards are missing from many of the levels. If you want to, feel free to leave a comment below and tell us the rewards you got from the level. We will take all your feedback and update the chart. We truly appreciate all your help!

Number Level Name Chalice Cost Challenge (Chalice Cost) Reward Possible Rewards Bountiful Chest Section
1Ezra's Grave1NoneNoneTutorial
2Intro 11Grassy Egg, Life Flower SproutBronzeTutorial
3Intro 21Grassy Egg, Tiny Magic CoinBronzeTutorial
4Gaia's Garden1Grassy Egg, Life Flower SproutBronzeTutorial
5Grassy 11Grassy Egg, Life Flower Sprout, Tiny Magic CoinBronzeGrassy
6Grassy 21Grassy Egg, Life Flower SproutBronzeGrassy
7Grassy 31Grassy Egg, Life Flower, Life Flower SproutBronzeGrassy
8Grassy 41Challenge 1 (1)
Rock Dragon Kid
Grassy Egg, Life Flower, Life Flower SproutBronzeGrassy
9Grassy 53Grassy Egg, Life Flower, Life Flower SproutSilverGrassy
10Grassy 62Grassy Egg, Life Flower, Life Flower SproutBronzeGrassy
11Grassy 72Grassy Egg, Life Flower, Life Flower SproutBronzeGrassy
12Star Haven3Crimson Egg, Life Flower, Life Flower SproutGoldenHaven
13Rock Haven2Grassy Egg, Life FlowerSilverHaven
14Haven's End2Challenge 2 (2)
Crimson Dragon
Crimson Egg, Life FlowerBronzeHaven
15The Outskirts2Crimson Egg, Life FlowerBronzeOutskirts
16Outskirts 23Grassy Egg, Life FlowerSilverOutskirts
17Outskirts 34Crimson Egg, Life Flower, Ordinary ChestGoldenOutskirts
18Overbridge3Grassy Egg, Life Flower, Ordinary ChestBronzeOutskirts
19Outskirts 51Challenge 3 (2)
Butterfly Dragon
Rock Egg, Life Flower SproutSilverOutskirts
20Outskirts 62BronzeOutskirts
21Green Grove3Unearthed Skeleton, Life Flower Sprout, Crimson EggGoldenGrove
22Skull Grove1Crimson Dragon EggBronzeGrove
23Archipelagrove4Life Flower Sprout, Life Flower, Grass Dragon EggSilverGrove
24Island Grove3Challenge 4
(2) Grass Dragon
Life Flower Sprout, Life Flower, Grass Dragon EggBronzeGrove
25Shore Grove1Grass Dragon Egg, Dragon Tree SaplingGoldenGrove
26Long Grove4SilverGrove
27The Secret of Four1Fruit Tree Seed, Grass Dragon EggBronzeGrove
28Cliff Grove2GoldenGrove
29Cross Grove3BronzeGrove
30Lone Grove3Challenge 5 (2)
Spotted Dragon
31Bridge Grove4BronzeGrove
32Pebble Grove6GoldenGrove
33Quarry 14Seed, rock egg, seedBronzeQuarry
34Quarry 26life flower, grass egg, seedSilverQuarry
35Quarry 33BronzeQuarry
36Quarry 45Challenge 6 (2)
Rock Dragon
37Quarry 53GoldenQuarry
38Quarry 65SilverQuarry
39Quarry 71BronzeQuarry
40Open Lands1BronzeQuarry
41Quarry 86GoldenQuarry
42Hilltop 16Challenge 7 (3)
Sharp Dragon
43Hilltop Bluffs1Rock Dragon EggSilverHilltop
44The Crescent1Fruit Tree Sapling, Sharp Dragon EggBronzeHilltop
45Hilltop 24BronzeHilltop
46Hilltop 46GoldenHilltop
47Hilltop 54Challenge 8 (2)
Moon Dragon
48Zomblin Falls 11BronzeZomblin Falls
49Zomblin Falls 24SilverZomblin Falls
50Zomblin Falls 34GoldenZomblin Falls
51Fear Isle 11BronzeFear Isle
52Fear Isle 23BronzeFear Isle
53Fear Isle 34GoldenFear Isle
54Fear Isle 41Rock Dragon EggBronzeFear Isle
55Fear Isle 55SilverFear Isle
56Silent Bay 11BronzeSilent Bay
57Silent Bay 21Challenge 9 (2)
Skeleton Dragon
Green Dragon EggGoldenSilent Bay
58Silent Bay 34BronzeSilent Bay
59Silent Bay 44BronzeSilent Bay
60Silent Bay 55SilverSilent Bay
61Silent Bay 67GoldenSilent Bay
62Silent Bay 74BronzeSilent Bay
63Silent Bay 85SilverSilent Bay
64Silent Bay 91BronzeSilent Bay
65Sun Veldt 14Challenge 10 (3)
Crimson Dragon
BronzeSun Veldt
66Sun Veldt 22GoldenSun Veldt
67Sun Veldt 34BronzeSun Veldt
68Sun Veldt 45BronzeSun Veldt
69Sun Veldt 57SilverSun Veldt
70Sun Veldt 67Challenge 11 (3)
Tribal Dragon
GoldenSun Veldt
71The Secret Veldt Alley2SilverSun Veldt
72Sun Veldt 74BronzeSun Veldt
73Sun Veldt 86SilverSun Veldt
74Shroomia 13BronzeShroomia
75Shroomia 21Spotted Dragon EggGoldenShroomia
76Shroomia 33Challenge 12 (2)
Sharp Dragon
77Shroomia 44SilverShroomia
78Shroomia 54BronzeShroomia
79Shroomia 61Spotted Dragon EggBronzeShroomia
80Dread Marsh 17Challenge 13 (2)
Moon Dragon
GoldenDread Marsh
81Dread Marsh 26SilverDread Marsh
82Dread Marsh 31Spotted Dragon EggBronzeDread Marsh
83The Secret Healer's Den1BronzeDread Marsh
84Dread Marsh 43GoldenDread Marsh
85Foothills 13BronzeFoothills
86Foothills 24GoldenFoothills
87Foothills 33SilverFoothills
88Summit 11Topsoil, Crimson Dragon Egg, HillBronzeSummit
89 Summit 21Topsoil, Sharp Dragon Egg, HillGoldenSummit
90 Summit Basin1Dragon Tree Sapling, Grass Dragon Egg, Drake's RidgeSilverSummit
91Summit 33Challenge 14 (2)
Wise Dragon
92Summit 42BronzeSummit
93Summit 53BronzeSummit
94Summit 64GoldenSummit
95Summit 72BronzeSummit
96Prism Rift 17GoldenPrism Rift
97Prism Rift 26SilverPrism Rift
98Shrub Isles7BronzeIsles
99Lucky Isles7Challenge 15 (3)
Cosmos Dragon
100Petal Isles7BronzeIsles
101Pinnacle Isles4SilverIsles
102Honeycomb Isles7GoldenIsles
103Boneyard Isles1Rock Dragon EggBronzeIsles
104Snake Isles2BronzeIsles
105Peace Isles1Sharp Dragon EggGoldenIsles
106The Secret Isles1Grass Dragon EggSilverIsles
107Maze Isles4BronzeIsles
108The Ancient Totem7Challenge 16 (3)
Roc Dragon
GoldenTotem Shire
109Totem Shire 17BronzeTotem Shire
110The Secret Garden1BronzeTotem Shire
111Totem Shire 27GoldenTotem Shire
112Totem Shire 37SilverTotem Shire
113Totem Shire 47BronzeTotem Shire
114Totem Shire 57GoldenTotem Shire
115Totem Shire 67BronzeTotem Shire
116Totem Shire 77BronzeTotem Shire
117Totem Shire 87Challenge 17 (3)
Skeleton Dragon
GoldenTotem Shire
118Totem Shire 97SilverTotem Shire
119Totem Shire 106BronzeTotem Shire
120Totem Shire 115BronzeTotem Shire
121Totem Grid1Green Dragon EggGoldenTotem Shire
122Totem Shire 127BronzeTotem Shire
123Drakeshire 17BronzeDrakeshire
124Drakeshire 27

Challenge 18 (3)
Life Dragon

125Drakeshire 37SilverDrakeshire
126The Healer1Topsoil, Sharp Dragon Egg, Dragon tree leavesGoldenDrakeshire
127Drakeshire 47BronzeDrakeshire
128Drakeshire 57GoldenDrakeshire
129Drakeshire 62BronzeDrakeshire
130Drakeshire 75BronzeDrakeshire
131Drakeshire 84GoldenDrakeshire
132Drakeshire 91SilverDrakeshire
133Drakeshire 104Challenge 19 (3)
Golem Dragon
134Drakeshire 112BronzeDrakeshire
135Fjord 16GoldenFjord
136Great Fjord1Nice Treasure Chest, Sharp Dragon Egg, Drake's RidgesGoldenFjord
137Fjord 24BronzeFjord
138Fjord 34Challenge 20 (3)
Butterfly Dragon
139Fjord 44BronzeFjord
140Fjord 52GoldenFjord
141Fjord 63BronzeFjord
142Fjord 71Challenge 21 (3)
Moon Dragon
143Fjord 87SilverFjord
144Fjord 97GoldenFjord
145Fjord 103BronzeFjord
146Fjord 112BronzeFjord
147Fjord 124SilverFjord
148Fjord 135GoldenFjord
149Fjord 143Challenge 22 (3)
Gargoyle Dragon
150Fjord 155BronzeFjord
151Fjord 164SilverFjord
152Fjord 173BronzeFjord
153Fjord 185GoldenFjord
154Fjord 195GoldenFjord
155Fjord 201Spotted DragonsBronzeFjord
156Grimshire 11Challenge 23 (3)
Butterfly Dragon
157Grimshire 21Shrub Sprouts, Green Dragon Egg, Magic Mushroom CapsGoldenGrimshire
158Grimshire ???1BronzeGrimshire
159Grimshire 31BronzeGrimshire
160Grimshire 41SilverGrimshire
161Grimshire 51Dragon Tree Seeds, Grass Dragon Egg, Dragon Tree SaplingGoldenGrimshire
162Grimshire 61BronzeGrimshire
163Grimshire 71Challenge 24 (3)
Pegasus Dragon
164Grimshire 81Dragon Tree Seeds, Golem Dragon Egg, Dragon Tree SaplingGoldenGrimshire
165Cloud Land 12Spotted Dragon EggBronzeCloudland
166Cloud Land 22SilverCloudland
167Cloud Land 33BronzeCloudland
168Cloud Land 43Challenge 25 (3)
Roc Dragon
169Cloud Land 55BronzeCloudland
170Cloud Land 64SilverCloudland
171Cloud Land 75BronzeCloudland
172Cloud Land 82SilverCloudland
173Cloud Land 96SilverCloudland
174Cloud Land 106GoldenCloudland
175Cloud Land 115SilverCloudland
176Maywood 11BronzeMaywood
177Maywood 22SilverMaywood
178Maywood 34BronzeMaywood
179Maywood 41Golem Dragon EggGoldenMaywood
180Maywood 57Challenge 26 (3)
Wood Dragon
181Maywood ???4GoldenMaywood
182Maywood 62SilverMaywood
183Maywood 76SilverMaywood
184Maywood 83SilverMaywood
185Maywood 93SilverMaywood
186Maywood 101Golem Dragon EggBronzeMaywood
187Maywood 115GoldenMaywood
188Maywood 123GoldenMaywood
189Maywood 133BronzeMaywood
190Maywood 144SilverMaywood
191Maywood 152Challenge 27 (3)
Gargoyle Dragon
192Maywood 165BronzeMaywood
193Maywood 171SilverMaywood
194Maywood 183SilverMaywood
195Craven Crypt 14GoldenCraven Crypt
196Craven Crypt 23BronzeCraven Crypt
197Craven Crypt 31Challenge 28 (3)
Gargoyle Dragon
SilverCraven Crypt
198Craven Crypt 43GoldenCraven Crypt
199Craven Crypt 53SilverCraven Crypt
200Craven Crypt 65BronzeCraven Crypt
201Craven Crypt 72SilverCraven Crypt
202Craven Crypt 83BronzeCraven Crypt
203Craven Crypt 93SilverCraven Crypt
204Craven Crypt 101BronzeCraven Crypt
205Craven Crypt 115SilverCraven Crypt
206Craven Crypt 123SilverCraven Crypt
207Craven Crypt 133Challenge 29 (3)
Wise Dragon
GoldenCraven Crypt
208Craven Crypt 144BronzeCraven Crypt
209Craven Crypt ?2SilverCraven Crypt
210Craven Crypt 153BronzeCraven Crypt
211Craven Crypt 162GoldenCraven Crypt
212Craven Crypt 173Challenge 30 (3)
Skeleton Dragon Welp
GoldenCraven Crypt
213Craven Crypt ??2BronzeCraven Crypt
214Sea Breeze 14BronzeSea Breeze
215Sea Breeze 22SilverSea Breeze
216Sea Breeze 32SilverSea Breeze
217Sea Breeze 46SilverSea Breeze
218Sea Breeze 52SilverSea Breeze
219Sea Breeze 64BronzeSea Breeze
220Sea Breeze 73GoldenSea Breeze
221Sea Breeze 83BronzeSea Breeze
222Sea Breeze 96SilverSea Breeze
223Sea Breeze 102BronzeSea Breeze
224Sea Breeze 114GoldenSea Breeze
225Sea Breeze ?7GoldenSea Breeze
226Glacier Falls 13BronzeGlacier Falls
227Glacier Falls 24SilverGlacier Falls
228Glacier Falls 33SilverGlacier Falls
229Glacier Falls 45GoldenGlacier Falls
230Glacier Falls ?3SilverGlacier Falls
231Glacier Falls 52BronzeGlacier Falls
232Glacier Falls 64GoldenGlacier Falls
233Glacier Falls 73BronzeGlacier Falls
234Glacier Falls ??4GoldenGlacier Falls
235Glacier Falls 84SilverGlacier Falls
236Glacier Falls 93SilverGlacier Falls
237Glacier Falls 106GoldenGlacier Falls
238Glacier Falls 115SilverGlacier Falls
239Glacier Falls 122BronzeGlacier Falls
240Glacier Falls ????2BronzeGlacier Falls
241Glacier Falls 133SilverGlacier Falls
242Glacier Falls 145GoldenGlacier Falls
243Glacier Falls 152BronzeGlacier Falls
244Glacier Falls 167GoldenGlacier Falls
245Glacier Falls ???2SilverGlacier Falls
246Glacier Falls 172BronzeGlacier Falls
247Glacier Falls 185SilverGlacier Falls
248Glacier Falls 193BronzeGlacier Falls
249Glacier Falls 205SilverGlacier Falls
250Nocturne Oasis 13BronzeNocturne Oasis
251Nocturne Oasis 25SilverNocturne Oasis
252Nocturne Oasis 36GoldenNocturne Oasis
253Nocturne Oasis 42BronzeNocturne Oasis
254Nocturne Oasis 56GoldenNocturne Oasis
255Nocturne Oasis ?2GoldenNocturne Oasis
256Nocturne Oasis 63BronzeNocturne Oasis
257Nocturne Oasis 73SilverNocturne Oasis
258Nocturne Oasis 82BronzeNocturne Oasis
259Nocturne Oasis 95GoldenNocturne Oasis
260Nocturne Oasis 104SilverNocturne Oasis
261Nocturne Oasis 113BronzeNocturne Oasis
262Nocturne Oasis 124Life Flower, Roc Egg, Grimm ChestSilverNocturne Oasis
263Nocturne Oasis 133Magic Shroom Stalk, Grass Dragon Egg, Moss Covered StoneBronzeNocturne Oasis
264Nocturne Oasis 145Young Fruit Tree, Roc Egg, Life OrbGoldenNocturne Oasis
265Nocturne Oasis 153Magic Shroom Stalk, Grass Dragon Egg, Young Fruit TreeBronzeNocturne Oasis
266Nocturne Oasis ??2Seeds of the Prism Flower, Spotted Dragon Egg. Nice Treasure ChestBronzeNocturne Oasis
267Nocturne Oasis 163Fruit Tree Sapling, Roc Egg, Spooky Old TreeSilverNocturne Oasis
268Nocturne Oasis 174Young Fruit Tree, Roc Egg, Life OrbGoldenNocturne Oasis
269Nocturne Oasis 186Dragon Tree Sapling, Sharp Dragon Egg, Drake's RidgeGoldenNocturne Oasis
270Nocturne Oasis 194Life Flower, Grass Dragon Egg, Drake's RidgeBronzeNocturne Oasis
271Nocturne Oasis 203Stone Brick, Grass Dragon Egg, Moss Covered StoneSilverNocturne Oasis
272Golden Meadow 13Grass Tuft, Spotted Dragon Egg, Budding ShrubBronzeGolden Meadow
273Golden Meadow 24Young Fruit Tree, Golem Dragon Egg, Drake's RidgeSilverGolden Meadow
274Golden Meadow 36Fruit Tree Seed, Rock Dragon Egg, Fresh StonesGoldenGolden Meadow
275Golden Meadow 44Magic Shroom Stalk, Toadstool Dragon Egg, Dragon Tree SaplingSilverGolden Meadow
276Golden Meadow 53BronzeGolden Meadow
277Golden Meadow 65SilverGolden Meadow
278Golden Meadow 74BronzeGolden Meadow
279Golden Meadow 83BronzeGolden Meadow
280Golden Meadow ?4Rain Puddle, Rock Dragon Egg, Sprouting Dragon TreeSilverGolden Meadow
281Golden Meadow 92BronzeGolden Meadow
282Golden Meadow 103Skull & Bones, Crimson Dragon Egg, Seeds of the Prism FlowerSilverGolden Meadow
283Golden Meadow 113Triple Shroom, Grimm Chest, Butterfly Dragon EggBronzeGolden Meadow
284Golden Meadow 122BronzeGolden Meadow
285Golden Meadow 134GoldenGolden Meadow
286Golden Meadow ??2Life Flower, Golem Dragon Egg, Deathly Hollow TreeBronzeGolden Meadow
287Golden Meadow 143SilverGolden Meadow
288Golden Meadow 153SilverGolden Meadow
289Golden Meadow 165GoldenGolden Meadow
290Golden Meadow 173SilverGolden Meadow
291Golden Meadow 182BronzeGolden Meadow
292Golden Meadow 193SilverGolden Meadow
293Golden Meadow 202BronzeGolden Meadow


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