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Merge Dragons Challenge 10 Final Win Walkthrough

Merge Dragons Challenge 10 walkthrough

Greetings and welcome! This guide will show you how to complete challenge 10 in merge dragons! Our tutorial will walk you through step by step on how you can complete this challenge and beat it all 3 times (or the final win if that’s all you need). From completing it, you will win a noble crimson dragon which has a staggering 50 dragon power! Talk about an epic reward!

Challenge 10 Merge Dragons Video

Want to watch the gameplay in action? You can definately watch our video guide that will walk you through the challenge as well! It might even be a little easier and better understood.

Step by step guide for challenge 10

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Below is our walkthrough guide with step by step instructions. We also took some pictures of the gameplay to supplement the reading material. Hopefully we did a good job here, but if youare lost after reading our guide, have a look at our video. We promise that our video is good enough to help you!

  • Right away merge the green dragon eggs and dragon portals to make 2 dragons.
  • Merge 5 life sprouts into 2 life flowers and start harvesting life essence as soon as you can.
challenge 10 merge dragons walkthrough
  • Now the goal here is to create a lvl 3 life orb.
  • Harvest and merge 5 life essences into 2 tiny life orbs. Do this 2 more times
  • Take 5 of those tiny life orbs and merge into 2 small life orbs.
merge dragons challenge 10
  • Get 3 more tiny life orbs and merge them into a lvl 2.
  • Now with 3 lvl 2 orbs, you will merge those into a lvl 3 orb but don’t click yet.
  • By this time, a zomblin should appear. Make sure to have the dragon kill it.
how to beat challenge 10 merge dragons
  • Once you kill the zomblin, it will drop a grave.
  • Click the orb now and you will clear most of the land.
  • Merge 3 zomblin statues to create another zomblin. You need another grave in order to merge on super deadland.
dragon mobile game
  • Take both graves and merge them on the super deadland.
  • Then hit the green arrows to heal the land.
  • Finally, just move the statue from the bottom right to the middle statues to create the 3 merge and win the challenge!

Final Words

So did this guide help you win? Having any problems or issues still? If you have any feedback, problems, or found it useful, please let us know by leaving a comment below or on our video walkthrough. We will answer any questions you will have and reply to any feedback. Thank you for reading!

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