Merge Dragons Challenge 9 walkthrough

Hello and welcome to our guide! I’m sure that you are here because you want to see how to beat the challenge 9 in merge dragons. This page will show you step by step instruction for completing this challenge so you can finally beat it all 3 times (or whichever win you need)! From completing it, you will recieve a skeleton dragon kid and golden chest! Now let’s get into it!

Challenge 9 Merge Dragons video

Many prefer to watch the gameplay in action! If this sounds like you, go ahead and watch below! It does help to watch this challenge visually as it might make more sense. Just click the play button and you will be on your way to winning!

The step by step guide for challenge 9

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If you prefer not to watch the video, or want to supplement the video with reading, continue below. We post bullet points of key objectives you need to complete and also provide images. Note that the images don’t show a close step by step visual, otherwise we’d have too many! We still recommend watching the video.

You need to make 17 blue life flowers. This seems really challenging when you think about it and the map is pretty small but it is definately possible!

  • Start by zooming out and grabbing the portal on the island. Drag it to the middle of the 4 other portals to create a 5 merge and 2 dragons.
  • Now click the bone piles and merge the bones to create life sprouts.
  • Merge those to create 2 life flowers and begin harvesting both!
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  • The goal now is to create a lvl 3 life orb. Always merge life essences, small life orbs, and tiny life orbs in sets of 5 until you get a lvl 3 orb.
  • Once you get a lvl 3 orb, it should clear most the map. Go ahead and click it.
how to beat merge dragons challenge 9
  • Once land is clear, go ahead and merge the 3 trees in the back and move it to the corner. You need all the space you can get!
  • Start clicking bone piles and merging bones in 5’s.
  • Important! Merge life sprouts in 5’s!! Once you make 2 life flowers, move them to the islands and sides of the map! You do not want to accidentally merge them!!
challenge 9 merge dragons walkthrough
  • Continue merging bones and life sprouts on the map.
  • Do not worry about anything else. Don’t keep count and never look at the time remaining. This will only throw you off.
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  • If you manage to run out of bones and sprouts and still have not won, don’t panic! Click on the seeds that are flowing in the wind and start merging them!
  • By this point, you are very close and only need one or a two more flowers to make.
  • Once you merge a few more sprouts, you will win this challenge!
challenge 9 step 5

Final Words

Hopefully you found our guide useful! Did this help you complete the challenge? Are you still having any problems? If you have any feedback, problems, or found it helpful, please let us know by leaving a comment. We really appreciate your feedback and thanks for reading.

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