Merge Dragons Ultimate Guide


Merge Dragons is a unique puzzle and adventure game. The main consists of you being tasked to heal a magic land. You must harness the power of dragons that can be collected, solve exciting puzzles and build a camp to fill it with growing dragons all all sorts of unique in game items you collect. Everything in this game can be merged and matched. Upon doing so, you will create the next tier of that item, skill, artifact, or Dragon. Everything is mergable! Artifacts, dragons, eggs, trees, fruit, falling stars, leaves!

Merge Dragons Challenge Walkthrough Guides!

Probably one of the hardest features in the game, challenges can be won three times and each succeeding time you get a dragon as a reward! Check out our challenge guide to help you navigate to victory!

Merge Dragons Challenge 2
Merge Dragons Challenge 3
Merge Dragons Challenge 4
Merge Dragons Challenge 5
Merge Dragons Challenge 6
Merge Dragons Challenge 7
Merge Dragons Challenge 8
Merge Dragons Challenge 9
Merge Dragons Challenge 10
Merge Dragons Challenge 11
Merge Dragons Challenge 12
Merge Dragons Challenge 13
Merge Dragons Challenge 14
Merge Dragons Challenge 15
Merge Dragons Challenge 16
Merge Dragons Challenge 17
Merge Dragons Challenge 18
Merge Dragons Challenge 19
Merge Dragons Challenge 20
Merge Dragons Challenge 21
Merge Dragons Challenge 22
Merge Dragons Challenge 23
Merge Dragons Challenge 24
Merge Dragons Challenge 25
Merge Dragons Challenge 26
Merge Dragons Challenge 27
Merge Dragons Challenge 28
Merge Dragons Challenge 29
Merge Dragons Challenge 30


Our merge dragons events page has helpful tips and information regarding events. We show a few helpful videos on the topic as well as an events history so you can see all the events from the game.


All of the merge dragons levels can be found on our guide. We break down the level names, chalice costs, rewards, which chest you get, and the sections for each. We also have a section for the challenges and when each challenge comes up.

Secret Levels

Want to know where all the secret levels are? Check out our page on merge dragons secret levels. It will show you all the names of the 23 secret levels and a youtube video showing the locations of each.

Camp Quests

These quests are completed in the dragon camp. They are extra goals you can complete that will drop stars for your camp. Sometimes a dragon star will drop! The three categories and the amount of each category are listed below.

  • 104 Flourish Quests – Healing dead land, opening the dragon egg chests (costs dragon gems), loot orbs, making buildings, letting different seeds grow.
  • 124 Action Quests – tapping certain items, opening many chests, tapping and activating life orbs.
  • 162 Creation Quests – merging objects, owning an amount of items, creating an amount of items.
  • 390 total camp quests

When you complete a quest star, you can then click the next quest to be given a new one. You can also leave the camp and come back to see a new refresh.

Merge Dragon Tips and Tricks

How to bubble any items

There is a bubbling technique in merge dragons called the marcus v technique. You can bubble any items in your camp that you would like! Just make sure you don’t bubble too many items because this will cause camp lag. Please learn more about it in this youtube video courtesy of Alan Rodriguez youtube channel.

How to get free dragon gems

You must farm! Farming dragon gems simply means finding a 1 chalice level and replaying it over multiple times. You should get all 3 stars in the level every time you play it. Rarely, one of the yellow stars will drop as a dragon star. Instead of tapping it right there in the level, leave it alone and win the level. In the rewards section at the bottom, you will see the dragon star as a legendary reward to take back to your camp. Keep doing this over and over again to get a bunch of dragon stars in camp. A few levels to farm are..

1 chalice levels

  • Zomblin Falls I
  • Dread Marsh 3

Basically, find the quickest level to beat that costs 1 chalice to play. Keep playing it over and over and hope for dragon stars to drop. Don’t touch it and take it back to your camp!

Merge Dragons Coin Farming

Are dragon eggs getting expensive? Need more coins? Check out this coin farm on grimshire 2, courtesy of Jan Stephens youtube channel.

Merge Dragons Cheats

merge dragons cheats

Want to hack the game and gain unlimited gems, coins, and stone? The answer is the Lucky Patcher app for android! The app is a way to mod and hack games legally. The luckypatch version is different from the original game. You will be able to max out your gems and finish alot of hard chain quests with it’s help.

Important fact is that you have to delete your original MD in order to get the luckypatcher version. That part sucks but the good news is that you will earn everything back quickly with merge dragon cheats. Even after a year of progress on the original, you can gain that progress back after a day! You might be upset at first, but it will be worth it after a day.

Watch this merge dragons cheats video if you would like to try this out. It is recommended to have 2 devices: one for the original merge dragons game that you normally play and the merge dragons cheats game on the other device.

With unlimited gems, you will still spend alot of time merging up the chains. Also, you’ll need to do the quests to gain enough stars for purchases too. Some items like the totems will give you a ton of items, but it still won’t be easy to create a wonder. The merge dragons hack is still fun to play with!

Merge Dragons Wiki

The merge dragons official wiki is very helpful for new players. It will help you navigate the vast world’s items and how to create specific ones. It will show you all the details for merge chains, objects, levels, game mechanics, game concepts, and more tutorials! Go check it out!

Merge Dragons Reddit

The official reddit channel for Merge Dragons is extremely helpful! Whether you have a question, are looking for a specific answer, or are bored and want entertainment, go here to see all things merge dragons. Share your success, your garden, and your achievements!

Play Merge Dragons on PC

Ever wonder how people are able to play merge dragons on pc? Well it is pretty simple. Just download bluestacks to your pc and then download merge dragons on your pc. You will need to login to your facebook (cloud sync) to get your account on the device. Follow the official bluestacks video if you want a visual walkthrough!

Download Merge Dragons

In case you didn’t download it yet, below are the official download links for both apple and android devices.

Merge Dragons FAQ

How to get coins?

You can get coins by coin farming specific levels or by building up your camp with fruit trees., collecting the fruit and mass merging it. Main coin farming levels are totem shire 9 and grimshire 2.

How to get stone?

Stone farming in Totem Grid. Also only costs 1 chalice. Stone is easy there because as you play the level you get a living stone, large moss stone, and tall grass. In addition, you get Ruins of the Sky Palace that gives you many dragons. You can also harvest it for gold if you work the hills to get a cloudy summit.

How to get free gems in merge dragons?

Dragon star farming 1 chalice levels! After bringing the stars back to camp, you can click on them one time to get a gem and then merge them. You get a free gem each time you do this. 5 Merge all dragon gems until you reach the highest tier then click it.

How to take stars/dragon stars back to camp?

You cannot take regular stars back to camp! Use them in the level. If you have a dragon star fall in the level, leave it alone! Once you complete the level, you can find the dragon star reward in your rewards part to take it back to camp for free.

Why does merge dragons keep crashing?

It might be because your game version is outdated or your phone software operating system isn’t supported if you have an older phone. Check the apple or play store for a game update and update your phone’s software. If this doesn’t work, uninstall the game and reinstall.

How to play merge dragons on pc?

Please check our section above for a video showing you how!

How to play merge dragons?

You should check the official wiki for game mechanics and read all about getting started in merge dragons.

How to bubble items?

Please refer to our section above, complete with a visual video walkthrough for bubbling any item!

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