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Before we dive into the actual website, I want to introduce myself below.

About Me

Joshua B

Joshua B


My passion for gaming led me to pursue creating an authority mobile gaming website. I have junior experience in full stack app development and years of SEO / wordpress optimization / website building experience.

Hi, my name is Joshua and I am an avid gamer by heart. I grew up playing sega genisis (Sonic!), transitioned to xbox (grand theft auto) and pc (runescape). The big game changers for me was when my friend introduced me to playing Halo 2 on xbox live against other players! He also introduced me to runescape (MMORPG) which became very popular in the early 2000’s. That game consumed my high school career.

As I got older, playing xbox was my obsession. Being able to play the Halo series against other players online was my go to. I slowly left the PC game, runescape, and dove into the xbox online world. Then, I picked up a copy of Call of Duty which I gradually transitioned to.

As you get older, you get a job, a car, and maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend. You find yourself with much less free time to sit in front of a PC or console. I became enthusied by mobile games since I can play them anywhere on the go.

To this year (2020), I still play xbox one a bit. Main games are Black Ops 4, Blackout (battle royale) and Modern Warefare. Due to my busy lifestyle (as many people have), I’m constantly on the go. I turned to mobile games and haven’t looked back.

How did Mobilegamershq start?

The number of mobile gamers was 1.36 billion worldwide last year, with 36% of mobile gamers between the ages of 25 and 36. The percentage of users who play mobile games will rise to 22.5% by 2024 — more than 1.7 billion people worldwide — up 18.6% last year.


Mobile gaming is big. Let’s see these numbers again.

<strong><em>2019 Worldwide Mobile Gamers</em></strong>


<strong><em>2024 Wordwide Mobile Gamers</em></strong>


<em>22.5% increase</em>

As you can see, there are alot of mobile games being played all over the world.

My obsession was downloading and trying multiple games in a variety of niches. I’d play these games for hours and I would occasionally look up guides and news about the game. I noticed many mobile gaming websites are very low quality, and aren’t focused on mobile content, performance, or usability at all!

There are literally thousands of gaming websites out there! Most of these websites cater towards pc gaming and console gaming. As mobile gaming begins to pick up steam, this is where we came in.

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate gamers who love mobile gamers. Excited to share our knowledge and mobile gaming experience with the community. Always on the lookout for writers with diverse backgrounds and their own preferred genre of the mobile game. We want to provide well rounded content.

We currently write guides and walkthroughs for mobile games but soon we will be expanding into reviews and mobile esports.

What is our mission?

Mobilegamershq wants to be one of the top authority resources for mobile gaming. News, guides, reviews, walkthroughs, game development, and insights of the mobile gaming world, we want to cover it all and provide the best information. Of course, there are many other websites out there who will compete, and may the best one win 🙂

Where do we see ourselves in the future?

We see ourselves as a well-rounded, established mobile gaming authority that users and devs would love to come back to!

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