Merge Dragons Challenge 2 Walkthrough

Are you wondering how to beat merge dragons challenge 2 and get the final win? Well look no further because your time to shine is now! We will guide you on beating this challenge once and for all. We have beat merge dragons challenge 2 in 32 seconds on the final win and recieved the Crimson Dragon Reward. Lets get to it!

Merge Dragons Challenge 2 Video

We laid our a step by step video instruction on how to beat challenge 2 in merge dragons. If you’d rather watch this simple 2 minute video, take a look below.

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Challenge 2 Guide

Below are the steps to completing this challenge. Note that we can’t show every step in pictures. If you want to visually see the completion you should watch the video.

  • First thing you need to do is move both of the eggs on the left to the middle. This will create a 5 merge with the eggs here.
merge dragons challenge 2 walkthrough
  • Don’t waste any time!
  • Right after you move them while the eggs are merging, move both the lvl 2 life flowers up to the top middle of the map.
  • This ensures that they will be out of the way for all the life hearts to start piling up on the map and make it easy to merge all of them at once.
  • Also, the life flowers will be easier to tap fast.
  • You need to start tapping the life flowers one after the other. Both dragons will start harvesting life orbs.
  • Right when the dragon is doner collecting, immediately click the life flower again. This will ensure they constantly keep harvesting from them.
  • You should aim to collect 20 times so everytime you collect keep a count in your head.
  • After you collected 20 life orbs, immediately pull the right-most heart and drag it into the one next to it to create a huge merge with all of them.
  • After that, you will get 5 lvl 1 life orbs.
  • Merge all 5 lvl 1 life orbs and you will finally recieve 2 lvl 2 life orbs.
  • Click both of those life orbs immediately. This should free up the whole map for you but don’t wait for it.
  • Right after you click them, look to drag the statue that is on the right side of the map by itself, over to the left side by the other 2 statues.
  • Finally, move both of the statues down to the last one that is being healed and you will win the match!
  • You should be able to get somewhere in the 30 seconds time frame.


We recommend taking a look at our video on beating challenge 2. It is much easier to see and understand. Thanks for checking out our guide! Hope it helped you!

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