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Merge Dragons Challenge 7 Final Win

Merge Dragons Challenge 7 Walkthrough

Wondering how you can win all 3 times (or the final win) for merge dragons challenge 7? Look no further than our guide! We will show you step by step how to beat this hectic challenge and finally win the Vicious Sharp Dragon and a golden chest! Our time for this challenge was 5min 17s which is fast enough for all 3 wins. If we were able to complete it, you definately can!

Challenge 7 Merge Dragons Video

Prefer to watch the gameplay walkthrough with commentary instead? We have a video guide as well! Just click it below to begin watching!

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Step by step guide for Challenge 7

We will walk you through the challenge below with bullet points and images. Note that if this is not detailed enough, you can always check out our video!

  • Start by merging 5 crimson eggs to get 2 crimson dragons.
  • Immediately start harvesting life essence from the 2 life flowers with both dragons. You want to create a few life orbs level 1 and merge 3 into a life orb level 2.
merge dragons challenge 7
  • Once you pop the lvl 2 life orb, you will unlock most the land.
  • Start merging 5 skulls into 2 skull and bones. These will give you the most tree seeds when you begin harvesting them.
  • Start harvesting the tree seeds and merging them in 5’s
  • Also begin merging the tree saplings in 5’s
merge dragons challenge 7 walkthrough
  • A key element to winning this challenge is the flying fruit tree leaves. You need to collect these each and every time you see them! Merging them in sets of 5 will give you 2 tree saplings!
merge dragons challenge 7 walkthrough
  • Keep 5 merging tree fruit tree saplings into 2 young fruit trees.
  • Also keep merging any seeds if you still have them.
  • Once you get 5 young fruit trees, merge them into 2 small fruit trees and move them up to the top near the other 2.
merge dragons challenge 7
  • Wait for more fruit tree leaves to fly by, collect them, and finally make the last young fruit tree from the saplings.
  • Finally, merge 5 small fruit trees above for the win!

Final Thoughts

This wraps up our guide on how you beat the challenge! If you enjoyed our guide, please let us know! Also, if you still have any trouble, you can leave a comment on our video or on this guide down below. We will help you out the best that we can! Thanks for reading and hope to see you around!

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