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Merge Dragons Challenge 6 Final Win

Merge Dragons Challenge 6 Walkthrough

Hello and welcome! Are you ready to complete merge dragons challenge 6 for all 3 wins? If so, this guide is for you! We will show you just how to complete this challenge. This challenge was done in 1m and 13s on a Samsung Galaxy phone using android. Some people may do it using their PC with an emulator, but you definately do not need that.

Challenge 6 Merge Dragons Video

Many people are visual learners and prefer to watch a video instead. Well fear not, because we have the video gameplay with commentary walkthrough for you! Just watch the video below and it will guide you to a challenge 6 merge dragons victory!

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Steps for completing Challenge 6

Below are the steps for beating this challenge. Note that the steps are kind of sped up in the images. We will lay out bullet points for the steps but the images won’t show exactly what we are talking about. Refer to the video for a visual walkthrough.

merge dragons challenge 6
  • Start by merging 5 crimson dragon eggs from the beginning.
  • Merge 3 life sprouts and start harvesting life essence from the life flower.
  • In addition, merge the other 3 life sprouts to get 2 life flowers on the map. Make both dragons start harvesting them. You want to harvest enough to create 8 tiny life orbs.
challenge 6 merge dragons step 2
  • Merge the 8 tiny life orbs into 3 blue life orbs
  • Now merge the 3 blue life orbs into 1 life orb level 3. Bring it close to the deadland and click it. This life orb will clear almost the entire map!
  • Next, start harvesting a few more lvl 1 life orbs and click them.
merge dragons challenge 6 walkthrough
  • At this point, you should have cleared all the deadland.
  • Now just drag all 3 statues down together to merge for the win!

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this guide helpful! Whether you used our video guide or read through our web guide, please let us know if we helped! Thans for taking the time to read our guide!

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