Merge Dragons Challenge 5 Final Win

Merge Dragons Challenge 5 Final Win

Merge Dragons Challenge 5 Walkthrough

Are you looking to complete challenge 5 in Merge Dragons? You have came to the right place! Our guide is going to help you get through that quest all three times so you can finally win that spotted dragon kid! We completed the challenge in 1 minute and 6 seconds and we know you can too!

Challenge 5 Merge Dragons Video

If you have followed our previous guide, you know it helps alot to watch a video. So If you would rather watch the gameplay, we also created a youtube video showing you the progression through the challenge. We think it is easier to understand by watching the video below.

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Steps for completing Challenge 5

The steps below will guide you through the challenge if you would like to read.

TIP: Always remember to try to merge in 5’s.

  • First merge the 3 green dragons eggs. Then you will hit all 3 green arrows to unlock the dead land.
  • After the land is clear, merge the 3 plains emerald grasses at the bottom to move forward.
merge dragons challenge 5
  • Take the fruit tree sapling from the bottom when it gets unlocked and bring it to the top to merge 3.
  • Hit the green arrow and move the 2 ruby plains grass from there down to the bottom to unlock yet another super dead land.
merge dragons challenge 5 walkthrough
  • Take the 2 green dragon eggs from the middle down to the bottom for yet another merge of 3.
  • Then move the 2 life flower sprouts from the middle down to the bottom for a merge of 3 again.
  • Now take the Tanzanite plains grass from there and move it up to the top middle to make a merge of them and hit the green arrow.
  • Take 2 life flower sprouts up to the top level to merge the super deadland life sprout to get a life flower level 2
  • Then merge 3 life flower level 2s to create a blue life flower level 3.
  • Next, take the 2 blue life flower level 3s you have and move it to the top middle to make a 3 merge on super deadland.
  • You will not merge 5 (or 6) fruit tree seeds to create 2 tree saplings. You should already have one on the map.
  • After, merge the 3 fruit tree saplings to create a young fruit tree.
  • Move both young fruit trees over to merge the 3rd one together on the deadland.
how to beat challenge 5 merge dragons
  • Finally hit the green arrow and move that statue down to the other 2 to win challenge 5!

Wrapping Up

Still having trouble after reading the guide? Watch the video as it may help you further! What other troubles have you had with this challenge? You can leave a comment below if you are still having trouble. Be sure to check out all our challenge guides if you need more help on others. Thanks for visiting!

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