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Merge Dragons Challenge 3 Final Win

Merge Dragons Challenge 3 Walkthrough

Tired of losing to challenge 3 in Merge Dragons? Well look no further. Our guide is going to help you get through that quest all three times so you can finally win that Butterfly kid! We completed the challenge in 2 minutes and 4 seconds and we know you can too!

Challenge 3 Merge Dragons Video

We think that watching the gameplay is the easiest to understand. Our youtube video will guide you through in under 3 minutes so you can visually see the progression through the challenge. Just it out below.

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Steps to completing Challenge 3

If you prefer to read it over, here are the steps below

  • Immediately click the dragon nest and merge 5 dragon eggs. If you do not get 5 to merge, don’t worry. In my game, I only got 3 eggs so one dragon is good enough.
  • Next, you need to merge the 3 life sprouts and the 3 crimson dragon eggs that are around the map. Having two dragons is much easier to complete this challenge with. With these 2 dragons, you will start harvesting life essence from both life flowers you have.
challenge 3 merge dragons
  • Keep harvesting life essence and clicking them to heal the dead land for the bones around you. The key to winning is to remember to try to merge 5 bones at once at all times. This way you get the maximum life sprouts.
  • Keep merging bones and merging 5 life sprouts to make life flowers. Once you get 5 life flowers, start merging those into 2 blue life flowers. Once you get some blue life flowers, move them to the sides of the map so you will not accidentally merge them together!
  • Keep merging bones, lifesprouts, and life flowers in 5’s. Don’t forget to move you rblue life flowers to the sides and the islands to ensure they don’t merge together. Do not look at the time or how many blue life flowers there are. I didn’t event try to keep count because I knew it would slow me down. You need every second in this challenge. Finally, you will make the last blue life flower and win the challenge.


There you have it. Hopefully you are on your way to completing merge dragons challenge 3! We will put out more guides on all the challenges are we progres through the game as well. We definately still recommend watching the video but it is totally up to you. Thanks for reading and hope to see you around!

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