Merge Dragons Secret Levels

Welcome to our merge dragons secret levels guide! Below you will see everything on the hidden levels within merge dragons! Hope this helps!

Secret levels are found by clicking objects on the main map view of merge dragons. Some of the levels are quite hard, and you must follow a certain sequence of events in order to pass, while others are easy.

All Secret Level Names

There are 23 secret levels in merge dragons. All the names are below.

  • The Secret of Four
  • Secret: The Crescent
  • The Secret Veldt Alley
  • The Secret Healer’s Den
  • Secret: Summit Basin
  • The Secret Isles
  • The Secret Garden
  • Secret: Totem Grid
  • Secret: The Healer
  • Secret: Great Fjord
  • Grimshire ???
  • Maywood ???
  • Craven Crypt ?
  • Craven Crypt ??
  • Sea Breeze ?
  • Glacier Falls ?
  • Glacier Falls ??
  • Glacier Falls ???
  • Glacier Falls ????
  • Nocturne Oasis ?
  • Nocturne Oasis ??
  • Golden Meadow ?
  • Golden Meadow ??

All Merge Dragons Secret Levels locations!

Check out the video by Ivan Jursdotter below for all the secret levels! This video is a great resource which is why we posted it. We take no credit for his video.

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