Merge Magic Challenge 2 Win

merge magic challenge 2
merge magic challenge 2

This guide will take you on a step by step basis on completing the level and finally moving on! You will get a fairy creature for winning this level!

Walkthrough Video

We have found a video that is really helpful in terms of walking you through the challenge. It is all you need in order to win. Go ahead and click the video below and watch it now. The video was done by the Iczel Gaming youtube channel.

Merge Magic Challenge 2 Tips

In order to win, you need to be aware of the following..

  • Keep harvesting life orbs and merging them into higher ones. You will be able to complete this challenge really easily.

Final Words

You won the challenge! Or did you? Are you still having trouble? If you are, please leave us a comment below. We reply to all comments! Let us know how this guide was also! Thanks for reading!


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