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The Best Brawlers in Gem Grab – Need Them To Win!

Brawl Stars is filled with many unique game modes and events and it’s hard for the player-base to pick favorites. It can be said without a doubt that the Gem Grab event is one of the most successful things that the game has done. Its constant recurrence is an easy indicator of that fact. Two teams of 3 players each and an intense structure that requires speed, strategy, and offense. The mode refuses to get old and keeps players hooked from start to end.

Naturally, it’s not easy to know what Brawlers are the best to use as a team in the mode since the game has dozens of them. It’s even harder considering the fact the strengths and weaknesses of the top tier brawlers change every time there is a different mode or map since they are all designed very differently.

We have created a thorough list of the best Brawlers to use in the Gem Grab event. We’ve even recommended what other Brawlers you can pair them with for the best experience! So, let’s get started.

Pam – Best Brawler In Gem Grab

pam gem grab

Pam is incredibly one of the best gem carriers in the Gem Grab event. Some even go as far as to call her ‘the’ very best Brawler for the job.

Her healing turret does an amazing job of providing support to her teammates. Her above-average health, in general, is helpful too for carrying the gems.

Additionally, her star powers Mama’s Squeeze is a good way to control the enemy territory if you place the turret just right.

Mama’s Hug is an excellent support option if you’re not playing aggressively.

Since she’s best as a support Brawler for this event mode, pairing her up with heavyweights or at least one long-ranged sharpshooter would do wonders for your team. Nita and Jessie are two good examples. You can easily experiment further if you lack those Brawlers or just aren’t fond of them.

Have you recieved Pam yet? Check out the brawlers drop rates to get a better understanding of how you can potentially get Pam!

Best Runners Up Gem Grab Brawlers


jesse gem grab

Jessie is a no-brainer for a mode like Gem Grab. You will need all the help that you can get to push back your enemies.

Her ability to attack multiple targets at once and deal a high amount of damage is unparalleled. She’s both great for holding the gem herself or supporting a Brawler like Pam while she does it instead.

Her Super ability is amazing for area control and attacking multiple targets at once. In a game mode that is all about beating your enemies to the win, having a Brawler like Jessie on your side is nothing short of a blessing.

She’s great to be paired with both a support player or used in support too. Her flexibility allows players to improvise according to their specific situations.


poco gem grab

When it comes to carrying the gems, Poco is a gift.

His attacks cover a lot of area and simultaneously deliver a great deal of damage to opposing Brawlers. He can heal himself and even his teammates on top of the offensive options as well.

This single Brawler has area control, high damage, and the healing abilities of a support Brawler. Poco is undoubtedly exactly what you need for a game mode like this.

While he can be paired with support Brawlers, you should try to pair him with heavyweights instead. Whether it’s someone like Jessie, Gene, or Rosa – you should be in the right direction with this type of team combination.


nita gem grab

No matter who you ask or what list you check – one thing will be consistent. That is the fact Nita is easily one of the top 5 Brawlers that you should use for the Gem Grab events.

She is one of the few Brawlers to have high health and a high area of damage simultaneously. This makes her perfect for dealing with groups of opposing Brawlers; exactly what you need for this game mode.

Her bear can track down enemies that are hiding and make them move away. It gives away their location immediately and makes them vulnerable to the attacks of your team. The bear is also a decent way to protect the gem carrier.

Despite being kind of a heavyweight, she’s great for support due to her area of damage and the very useful bear by her side. Nita is one of the characters that you can pair both support and tank Brawlers with and have a perfect team either way. Poco, Jesse, Pam, Rosa, Gene, and Mr. P are all good options to pair with her. Just make sure the attack/support ratio isn’t unbalanced!

Mr. P

mr p gem grab

Mr. P is one of the best carriers for gems and acts as a great support Brawler too.

His attacks are not only good for range but even bounce around on walls, which sort of ricochet towards enemies. The greatest use one can have from this is stopping enemies from healing behind cover. This ability is worth its weight in gold considering the fact knocking out enemy players is a massive advantage.

His Super is also very useful for the mode. His porters can spawn repeatedly and help your teammates get the distraction that they need to go for an aggressive enemy. Lastly, his Revolving Doors star power boosts the Super even further as it increases the ratio of how many porters can spawn and help the entire team out further.

He’s a very effective gem carrier but also a great support player at the same time. You can easily pair him up with either another support Brawler like Pam or heavies like Rosa and Jessie.

These are the best Brawlers that you can use in Gem Grab as well as the recommended teams to pair them up in. We hope you found your perfect combination from our guide, and if you think we missed someone important then feel free to let us know. Now go ahead and grab some gems!


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