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Brawl Stars – The Ultimate Guide Walkthrough

The Brawl Stars mobile game made by Supercell consists of 3v3 matches. Players can choose from a variety of brawlers (characters) who each have their own special abilities and moves. As you play and progres through the game, a number of options start to emerge allowing the player to upgrade the brawler’s stats. This will make them stronger and alot more powerful which will help you win more games down the road.

This mobile game is very thrilling because it is combat in real-time. You will connect with players from all over the world and try to communicate to achieve the goal of winning the game. Most players like to join and play the 3v3 matches. Concept is where two teams of three brawlers have to battle each other by completing the main objective of the mode. Brawl Stars is more of a team based game but you also have the option of playing the game solo.

Each character is pretty easy to control. Just starting out might be overwhelming because you need to learn about the characters abilities since each one is unique.

Brawl Stars Drop Rates

Looking to get those rare or mythic brawlers? Brawl Stars has a very unique, competitive system when opening loot crates. Some of the characters in the game can be purchased with the in game currency; but most of the other ones can be acquired through loot crates. Upon opening the 3 types of loot boxes, your player will gain luck based on whether you gained a rare brawler or not. For example, if you gain a rare brawler, the brawler drop rates for a rare one next time go down. If you have a very dry streak and acquire no brawlers in your game, then your luck will go up.

Brawl Stars Tier List

Here is our brawl stars tier list. All the characters are ranked based on overall competitiveness. These are the top brawlers that you want to begin to use!

Game Modes in Brawl Stars

There are many game modes that you need to be aware of and learn in order to win.

Gem Grabbing Game

gemgrab brawl stars
gemgrab brawlstars
  • In this 3v3 battle, team up with two other players to collect gems from a gem mine. This mine will appear in the middle of the map.
  • If you or a teammate kills an enemy, you can also take their gems.
  • If the enemy has 10 gems already, you need to strategize with your team to hunt down the enemy with the most and kill them.
  • Collect 10 gems and hold them until the end of the game to win.
  • Acquire the best gem grab brawlers to totally dominate this game mode!

Showdown Mode

showdown mode brawlstars duo
showdown mode brawlstars duo
  • Play solo or duo.
  • The object is to fight for your survival. You need to be the last player standing on the field.
  • Find and destroy the power up boxes on the ground. Collecting these power ups will help improve the attack and health of your brawler.
  • In Duo’s, if you get knocked, your teammate can pick you up.

Bounty Mode

bounty game mode brawlstars
bounty game mode brawlstars
  • 3v3 game mode
  • Destroy enemies and earn stars in this game mode. Don’t let the enemies take you out!
  • If you die by an enemy, your stars will be taken by them.
  • Each star earned will be added to your team’s score. The team holding the most stars at the end of the game will win.

Heist Mode

brawlstars heist game mode
brawlstars heist game mode
  • 3v3 game mode
  • Protect the safe that is located in the spawn zone.
  • In order to win the game, your team must crack the enemy team’s safe first.

Brawl Stars Brawl Ball

  • 3v3 battle
  • This game mode has a football or soccer theme to it.
  • You must score 2 goals before the enemy team does to win.
  • If both teams fail to make their goals, the game will go into overtime.

How to play Brawl Stars on pc?

Our comprehensive brawlstars on pc guide will walk you through initial setting up of the emulator and playing the game.

As you can see, this game is pretty fun and addicting! No wonder why it is so popular!


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