Genshin Impact Guide Walkthrough

This genshin impact guide will be a compilation of genshin impact information and walkthroughs. We will cover everything from genshin impact tier lists, best characters ranked for 4 and 5 stars, beginning guides, and other useful info. We will be compiling a list of Youtube videos done by players who have experience playing the game and a combination of our own knowledge. These will all be opinion pieces and of course we take no credit for any of the videos.

Genshin Impact 4 Star Characters Ranked

Want to know what the best 4 star genshin impact characters are? Watch Tectone’s video below. Here’s a bit of info before you watch.

  • Beidou: Fits into DPS role. One of hardest hitters in game.
  • Bennett: run 2 fires in same team, do 25% more damage. Alt heals alot. Pair with Xiangling. Can be assist healer
  • Fischl: Very good with entire kit. High constellation with be a good DPS. One of best units in game. Good for assist and DPS.
  • Chongyun: Can be main DPS. Great assist for melee teams. Great pair with Xingqiu to freeze enemies.
  • Xingqiu: Hydro: Great to pair with Chongyun to freeze enemies.
  • Sucrose: Can be used as assist after disrupting the field. Use as main DPS is fine.
  • Xiangling: Can be good main DPS. Good to use as assist while using Fischl plus 2 other units.
  • Barbara: Solid healer build.
  • Kaeya: Great as assist character.
  • Ningguang: Assist role. If you have constellation 1, she can be main DPS.
  • Amber: Kit is terrible.
  • Noelle: Great for being a tank.
  • Razor: One of the best DPS in game. Hits hard!
  • Lisa: Great as assist role.

Genshin Impact Tier List

Below we list the genshin impact tier list. We put each character in a tier list from SS to C.You will see the character column, role column, and the main feature column. Each character will have a role and main feature. Shout out to Gacha Gamer Youtube channel for help in putting this together! Remember, this is an ongoing effort to update. Also, these are opinions so if you do not agree, comment below.

SS Tier

CharacterRoleMain Feature
DilucMain DPSCombo ATK
FischlSupport DPSPet Raven
QiqiHealer DPSHeal on DMG
VentiSupportGiant Vortex

S Tier

CharacterRoleMain Feature
BarbaraHealerStrong Heals
ChongyunSupport DPSCryo Buff
JeanSupportNemo Healer
KeqingMain DPSTeleport
KleeMain DPSExplosions
MonaMain DPSCrowd Control
RazorMain DPSWolf Form
XianglingSupport DPSPyronado

A Tier

CharacterRoleMain Feature
BeidouSupport DPSCounter ATK
The Traveler (Geo and Anemo)Support DPSProtagonist
XingqiuSupport DPSMitigate DMG

B Tier

CharacterRoleMain Feature
BennettSupport DPSATK/Buff Heal
KaeyaSupportIce Shield
LisaSupport DPSElectro Storm
NingguangMain DPSGeo Burst
NoelleSupport DPS Giant Sword
SucroseSupport DPSEnemy Puller

C Tier

AmberSupportAggro Pull

Genshin Impact Beginners Guide

Are you just starting out? Want to know the most efficient way to start genshin impact? Check out this genshin impact beginner guide by Drybear.

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