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Slap Kings Guide

Slap kings is the latest and greatest slapping game on android and ios. As you have noticed by the name, the game involves slapping the sh** out of your opponent, really! This game is a great time waster and something out of the ordinary for a change. I always continue to see new rpgs, idle games, and puzzle games come out so slap kings is a breath of fresh air. Below, I have a few game elements to cover in this slap kings guide so that you can become a slap king!

How to Slap – Make it Count!

Sure, how hard is it to just slap an enemy in the face? This game would be too easy if it were just that. What you want to do is to ensure you are hitting the hardest slap you can to knock your opponent out of the round! There will be a bar above your opponents head with a needle that moves from side to side. The goal is to stop the needle as close to the center as you can.

As you progress further, the dial will start to move faster back and forth. It is always the best practice to start the game with as many great slaps as possible. This ensure you have a lead on your opponent’s health so that if you do make a mistaker later on, it won’t cost you the game. In addition, when your slap turn begins, there may be an ad in the lower right of the screen to watch and get a boost in power.

In terms of getting slapped, you just have to take it! Hope your opponent is messing up their slaps and they don’t damage as much. Also, you can put a mask on. You can get these by watching yet another ad in the lower right side.

Slap Kings Guide to Health and Slap Power

Health and slap power are your only two stats in the game. To upgrade both of these, you need to gain gold by winning matches. You will then be able to upgrade them with the gold. Obviously the further into the game, the more expensive the upgrades will become.

Ad Videos Worth Watching?

The ad videos that you can watch are very beneficial. They give you five times more coins and puts you ahead of your enemy. You can obtain a helmet, which will take most of the heat from your opponent’s slaps. The gloves you get form ad watching will give you a boost in power but only for the round. They both will help you win your next match, but you will have to give 30 seconds to the ad.

Slap Kings Bonus Levels

slap kings bonus level
slap kings bonus level

In these levels, an object will be dangling in front of you. The game gives you three slaps to try to break the object. To make it easier to win, just watch an ad video to power up your smacks.


There are costumes in the game, but they only serve for cosmetic purposes. They do not increase your health or slapping power. Feel free to get some of these to make your character cool though.

How to download Slap Kings?

Download Slap Kings for IOS
Download Slap Kings for Android


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