Brawl Stars Brawler Drop Rate

brawl stars drop rate

While Brawl Stars is a top-down shooter with unique mechanics and multiple competitive game modes, the one thing that it shares with many other games is the ‘heroes’ element. It’s the simpler way of saying that the game relies on the player grinding and unlocking stronger playable characters. This helps to gain an advantage over … Read more

Brawl Stars – The Ultimate Guide Walkthrough

brawl stars

The Brawl Stars mobile game made by Supercell consists of 3v3 matches. Players can choose from a variety of brawlers (characters) who each have their own special abilities and moves. As you play and progres through the game, a number of options start to emerge allowing the player to upgrade the brawler’s stats. This will … Read more

Genshin Impact Guide Walkthrough

Genshin Impact Guide

This genshin impact guide will be a compilation of genshin impact information and walkthroughs. We will cover everything from genshin impact tier lists, best characters ranked for 4 and 5 stars, beginning guides, and other useful info. We will be compiling a list of Youtube videos done by players who have experience playing the game … Read more

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