10 Brawl Star Tips Every Player Needs To Know!

Brawl Stars has gained so much popularity in the span of its 2 year live gameplay time. The game has gone from being another Supercell game to having million dollar tournaments. There’s so much to learn here though as the game has a huge learning curve.

With so many different tiers of brawlers to choose from and play to your preference, the game has unlimited customization for play styles. Learning the ropes of Brawl Stars is extremely daunting as a new player. So to make it much easier for all of you newbie brawlers, these are 10 tips to help you become a great Brawl Stars player!


brawl stars lead shots

Dodging enemy shots is something that should be very commonly heard of in any shooter game. However in Brawl Stars, there’s more to it than just saving your health or not getting killed in the round. This is a game changing thing to learn and even the most high skill players have difficulty in dodging shots, especially if the enemies are skilled.

There are two benefits here to dodging shots. One is that you don’t lose health; you’re ready to go in almost every scenario if you don’t get damaged. Second is that you’re not letting your enemies get their supers up. And if you’ve played Brawl Stars, you know how much damage supers can cause!


Leading your shots gives you a much better chance against enemies that are good at dodging. Leading your shots essentially means placing the cursor to the location you think they will move to. This requires you to analyze the enemy’s movement patterns and behavior patterns mid-game so you can understand and lead your shots accordingly. This is great because landing shots on enemies becomes much more possible with this technique. The more shots you land on your enemies, the quicker your super will be charged.


brawl stars check the bushes

Checking the bushes is something that is extremely important in the game, mainly because the enemies can create huge chokepoints. The enemy teams can create a lot of hidden ambush points and can create flank routes through bushes. So checking bushes can give you a lot of advantage, try to bait out people in bushes, or just round up in groups. If you’re a ranged brawler then keep attacking with your ranged attacks to bait enemies out.


Pushing without Ammo can always lead to a quick death for you and a disadvantage for your team. Let me explain this to you with an example: imagine you’re playing Colt and you run out of Ammo as you’re pushing, yet you do anyways and end up dying. This collapses your entire push and leaves all of your team mates vulnerable to the enemy team’s Support DPS or Burst Damagers. This is position that you never want to put your team in, they will have to fight three sides until you reach the fight again.


Not overextending is something you learn as you go in the game. Basically the point of this tip is, remain with your team and push as they go. Do not overly push and run into enemy spawns to take them out. This is counterintuitive as this could lead your team vulnerable for pushes and could lead to an easy win for the enemy team.


brawl stars heal

What can I say about this more than the title? Healing is one of the most important ways of survival in Brawl Stars. Healing as much as possible doesn’t mean healing after every fight or every time you’re on 1 health. I mean to emphasize the healing between fights, running away to find a spot to hide in and then healing. This is especially important during fights if you seem to be losing a fight or taking too much damage overall. Taking space during fights and healing can change the way a battle will end, so make sure to keep this tip in mind.


This is a tip for all of my Bull and close ranged brawler mains. If there is a ranged brawler on the enemy team, find an opening and push them! Pushing the ranged brawlers is very important because they usually cause a TON of damage to your team and objective players. Pushing them results in your super being built and their super not being charged. Taking them on in a long ranged fight is very difficult, and almost impossible to win in most situations. So pushing them is the key to distracting them or damaging them and eventually taking them out completely.


As much as Brawl Stars is a fun and relaxing game, in super serious matches it can be highly competitive. So playing your role is essential. If you’re a healer, you should try to remain in the middle, causing damage for sure but also healing your team mates wherever they might be. If playing as a Support Damager, then try to do your best to land as many hits as you can. Playing as a map controller in a given match, make sure to cover as much map as you can with your abilities. In every case, playing your part is a recipe for easy wins.


Each game mode requires different team compositions. In the general gist of things, you always want a healer, proper damage per second and an area of effect brawler. You could bring your healers, somebody like a Penny or even a Jessie, someone of that same caliber and ability as those two in the middle. Then you need your DPS and fast movement brawlers such Bull or Colt. There is a large variety as you can choose which play style you want, you can get either long ranged or close ranged brawlers. The last one is your area of effect damage dealer or in proper terms “map controller”. Your map controller can be either a Spike or someone with the same abilities, the area of effect on their damage is something that matters the most. For more team composition tips, check out our guide of how to create your team composition.


This one is for every new player out there, save your supers. If you’re playing a brawler that takes a while to charge their super and it’s hard to land, then save it for certain situations. It’s not useful to always use the super as soon as it is charged. It may get you kills in mid-round but the charging can result in your downfall during end-game situations. So make sure to save your super and use it wisely because that is the best way you can get the most out of it.

These were some of our most important tips to get you to reach easier wins in Brawl Stars. Make sure to remember these and implement them in your games! If these tips helped you out then make sure to read more from us and keep up with the content!

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