Brawl Stars Brawler Drop Rate

While Brawl Stars is a top-down shooter with unique mechanics and multiple competitive game modes, the one thing that it shares with many other games is the ‘heroes’ element. It’s the simpler way of saying that the game relies on the player grinding and unlocking stronger playable characters. This helps to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Whether it’s the cosmetics, the unique abilities, or the superior stats of the top tier brawlers compared to the rest of the brawlers; we know that you want nothing short of the rarest Brawlers that you can get your hands on. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and effort to unlock the best Brawlers in the game. Understanding brawler drop rate of the characters can properly strategize the way you spend your in-game and real money.

Some of the Brawlers are purchasable with the in-game currency. Many are only unlockable through the loot boxes.

Brawler Loot Boxes

Loot boxes come in different shapes and sizes in the world of Brawl Stars.

  • The first one is the Brawl Box.
  • The second one is the Big Box (which is equal to 3 Brawl Boxes).
  • Finally, there is the Mega Box (which is equivalent to 10 Brawl Boxes).

If you just want more Brawlers, there is some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that there are three other types of drops that you will randomly gain from a Brawl Box. Thee consist of Power Points & Coins, Star Power, and Gadgets. The number of items you gain per draw increases to 4 and 5 on the bigger boxes. It’s only 3 per draw on the smallest one so you might still get a Brawler if you got some of the other items.

No Duplicate Brawlers

The good news is that the game does not give any duplicate Brawlers at all. This doesn’t matter if you play brawl stars on the pc or on mobile phone. No same Brawler twice or Power Points for them if they are already maxed out at level 9! If every single Brawler that you have is already maxed out at 9 points, Power Points will not be rewarded to you whatsoever. Instead, the number of coins you can get in the drop rate will be increased.

It should also be noted that Star Powers are only available for Brawlers who are already on level 9. Don’t worry if you do not receive any of them at first. Aside from the drop rate that we’re about to discuss, each draw also gives you the following…

  • 25% chance for Event Tickets
  • 9% chance for Gems
  • 3% chance for obtaining a Token Doubler. These usually appear less and are thus not mentioned in the drop rate lists.

Now that we getting the drops out of the way, let’s talk about the drop rate itself.

Brawler Drop Rate

brawler drop rate

The standard drop rate for the Brawl Boxes is as follows:

  • Power Points and Coins – 92.05%
  • A Rare Brawler – 2.77%
  • A Super Rare Brawler – 1.25%
  • Epic Brawler chance – 0.56%
  • Mythic Brawler chance – 0.26%
  • Legendary Brawler chance – 0.11%
  • Star Power chance – 1.00%
  • Garget – 2.00%

The brawler drop rate gets smaller based on how good their statistics and rarity are. The highest number of drops that you can obtain is meant for Power Points and coins. Power Points are honestly not at all a bummer to obtain though. Obtaining some of the best Brawlers won’t be as useful if they are without the right upgrades. It takes time but really pays off in the end.

An important thing to mention is that while the drop rate is essentially set, it’s very variable. It can be significantly different based on a few different factors. Those factors are controlled by what the community refers to as ‘the player’s luck’. This luck essentially changes due to these things:

Brawler Drop Rate – Player Luck

  • Draw Brawl Boxes 30 times – increases the value of player luck by .0048% in regards of acquiring a legendary Brawler
  • If the player does not get any rare Brawlers, their player luck will continuously improve. This means more likely to get rare and legendary Brawlers through the next drop.
  • If the player gets a rare or legendary Brawler, the game will decrease their player’s luck by .0048%. This makes it less likely to get another legendary Brawler right away.
  • The luck for gaining a Super Rare will decrease by .0096%.
  • The Epic Brawler will be decreased by .0144%.
  • Mythic Brawler will be decreased by 0.024%.
  • Chromatic Brawlers decrease the player’s luck by .0133% for all classes if the player manages to obtain one.
  • Power Points that are distributed through bigger brawl boxes are eventually given to fewer Brawlers. This is in comparison to the smallest box.

As you can see, the game essentially increases your chances of gaining rare and legendary Brawlers if you fail to gain them after draws. Conversely, the chances are reduced by different percentages if you manage to get a rare or legendary in a short time. This is all variable though and some of the statistics can be slightly different from each other. One way or another it’s a nice little way of keeping the game fair even for the free players.

All chances increase automatically if a player manages to fill any category of Brawlers in their inventory. Example: if player has Rare Brawlers, that eliminates the chances of gaining them in a drop. This shifts the player’s luck towards the Brawlers they don’t have at the moment.

Check Your Brawler Drop Rate Chances!

One last note is that you can manually check the chances you have for each of these potential drops. Go into the menu accessible by the small ‘I’ in the descriptions of the Brawl Boxes in the shop. For specific Chromatic Brawlers, you can check their statistics in the Brawl Pass that is currently active for your season. Do this by going into the Brawler menu and pressing the ‘I’ button again below its class. This helps significantly if you have a specific Brawler in mind that you wish to obtain.

That covers everything that you need to know about the Brawl Stars Brawler drop rate. Go try your luck with the Brawl Boxes! Don’t forget to let us know about your coolest hauls!

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