Raid Shadow Legends Glyphs Complete Guide

raid shadow legends glyph guide

Welcome to the complete raid shadow legends glyphs guide! We will talk about what they are, how to get, and how to use them. Hope this guide helps!

Glyphs are used to enhance a unique sub-stat of accessories and artifacts. To acquire glyphs, you have to beat crypt stages in Faction Wars.

Each glyph can only be upgraded in a certain range. As an example, an ACC glyph might enchant the artifact you specify and randomly add a range from 10 to 15 to the ACC sub-stat of the artifact. If the upgrade was successful, the glyph will be lost. In addition, if the value did not reach its potential maximum, then you can use another glyph to upgrade and try to get higher stats again. So if the second glyph gives a higher bonus than the first glyph, the artifact will be enchanted again and use that higher value.

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Glyph Stars

The glyph stars must either be the same as the artifact/accessory or can be lower. Example – You could use 1,2,3 or a 4 star glyph on 5 star gear. You can only use a 6 star glyph on 6 star artifacts or accessories.

Glyphs Guide

Check out this video by StewGaming for everything you need to know about Glyphs.

Raid Shadow Legends Glyph FAQ

What are glyphs?

They enhance a sub-stat of accessories or artifacts.

How to get glyphs?

By completing crypt stages in faction wars

Is there a limit on enchantment attempts?

No limit as long as you have the glyphs and silver to upgrade with.

Do glyphs compound stats increases?

No they don’t. You can re-roll the previous glyph stat increase to get a higher stat increase.


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