RAID Shadow Legends Guide

Welcome to the ultimate RAID Shadow Legends Guide! We will have several great knowledgeable resources available on this page. Whether you are a RAID Shadow Legends beginner or veteran, there is a wealth of available information for you to ensure you rapidly progress through the game.

RAID Shadow Legends Tier List

raid shadow legends guide

Our RAID Shadow Legends Tier List guide lists all champions along with their ranks, rarity, faction, arena def/off, dungeon dmg, etc. The champions are assigned a score for their rarity based on how they perform all around. You can filter and search the table to find the exact stats you are looking for.

Raid Shadow Legends Beginners Guide

Are you a beginner? Have a look at our beginners guide! You need to understand the basics of the game and which heroes are good and bad. Don’t want to waste time, energy, and resources on heroes who won’t provide your team any value in the end.

Starter Guide

Need help choosing which hero to start with? Want to progress rapidly through the early game without wasting time and energy? Visit our starter guide and check out which heroes are great (and aren’t great) to start with. We also included a youtube video that goes into depth.

Gear Guide

Gear is a big factor for your champions in the game which will determine the outcomes of battle! You need the best possible gear to compete with top players. Do you know enough about it? What gear is the best, upgrades, stats, bonuses, debuffs, etc? Look at our raid shadow legends gear guide to fully understand gear. We also show a video from a knowledgable youtuber.

Artifacts Guide

Our artifacts guide will show you everything you need to know regarding artifacts. They can be quite confusing for both new and more experienced players. If you start upgrading artifacts blindly from day 1, you will surely lose alot of silver, time, and energy. Taking the time to understand this game mechanic will greatly benefit your game play. We included a few youtube videos on the subject from experienced players.

Raid Shadow Legends Glyphs

Check out our guide on everything you need to know about glyphs! It will show you what they are, how to get them, and why you need these valuable resources.

Raid Shadow Legends PC

Want to play raid shadow legends on the pc? Check out this video by Darth Microtransactions on how to do that. It requires downloading bluestacks emulator on your computer, downloading the game, and syncing your account.

Reddit Channel

The official raid shadow legends reddit channel is very useful for everyone. There are discussions by players on items, equipment, builds, guides, tips, and trick for everyone that plays. Many people share their own guides and information with the group.

Official Wiki

Raid Shadow Legends Wiki provides more in depth information on everything from champions and equipment to game mechanics, buffs, debuffs, factions, etc. Very popular resource among gamers.


Hopefully you have found this guide quite useful! Did we miss anything? Want to see some other guides added? Any info wrong on our guide? Have any feedback? If you have any questions, please leave comments down below and we will get back to you, thanks.

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