Raid Shadow Legends Gear Guide

In this guide, we will cover raid shadow legends gear in the game so that you aren’t wasting silver on bad upgrades.

Raid Shadow Legends Gear Guide Video

Check out the video by Darth Microtransaction. He covers basically everything you need to know about gear.

All the information below was provided by Xentago from this gear guide reddit link.

Skills & Scaling

A champion “scales” with a specific stat if its abilities are improved by that stat. For example: Athel’s skills are improved by attack. However, Tayrel (high elf epic), only scales with defense. This means that attack would be a wasted stat on Tayrel. Defense would reduce the damage he takes AND increase the damage he does.

Some champions will scale off multiple stats: Crimson Helm’s (dark elf epic) primary attack scales off attack AND defense.

You can check what stat your champion scales off of by reading their skills. Go to your champion page, click a champion, and click skills in the top right. Check each skill, as they may scale differently. The stat or stats your skills scale off of is your “primary stat(s)”.

Scaling can sometimes be trial and error. Plarium does not post scaling ratios as some games do. In other words, increasing your attack score by 100 might increase your damage by 100. Or 50. Or 500. You can’t know til you try. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the best set up!

Raid Shadow Legends Gear Guide Stats

Here is an overview of all the stats. Some of these are self explanatory while others might not be.

  • HP: The amount of damage (health) the champion can take before being defeated.
  • Attack: Scales your attack damage. Only useful on champions that scale with attack. If your champion has no attack scaling, this stat will do nothing for you.
  • Defense: Reduces the damage you take.
  • Speed: How fast your turn meter fills, that will mean not only who gets to go first, but a particularly fast champion may get multiple turns before a slower one.
  • C. Rate: Critical Rate determines how often you score a critical hit.
  • C. Dmg: Critical Damage determines how large a multiplier your critical hit will be. Most champions have a base of 50%, meaning a critical hit will do 50% increased damage.
  • Resistance: How likely you are to resist a debuff being placed on you.
  • Accuracy: How likely you are to place a debuff on an opposing champion. Please note that this is separate from your odds of placing a debuff. If a skill has a 70% chance to place a debuff, that 70% determines whether or not it even attempts to be applied, and your accuracy against the target’s resistance will determine whether it is successfully applied. More accuracy will not increase a 70% chance to apply to a 100% chance to apply. Also note that if a champion does not have debuffs, accuracy is a useless stat.
raid shadow legends gear guide

Main Stats and Substats

First we should address the stats on gear. Gear has 3 aspects: main stats, substats, and set bonus. Set bonuses will be covered in the next section. Gear can be increased up to level 16, with substats being revealed, or upgrade, at levels 4, 8, 12 and 16.

Gear’s main stat is the primary one that increases with every level that you upgrade. The main stat on your weapon, helmet and shield are fixed and will always be the same. Weapon will have flat attack (“flat” means a fixed value, as compared to a % increase in that stat), helmet will have flat HP and shield will have flat defense.

Your gloves, chest, and boots can have several different main stats. Each can have flat hp, defense, attack, as well as % increases to hp, defense and attack. However, gloves can also have critical rate, or critical damage, chest can have accuracy or resistance, and boots can have speed.

Your accessories, ring, amulet and banner, also have random main stats. They can’t have % increased stats as a main stat like the glove chest and boots. They all can have flat hp, defense or attack, the amulet can have critical damage, and the banner can have accuracy or resistance.

Gear also has 4 secondary stats, commonly called substats. A common (grey) piece will have all 4 of these hidden, and a new one will be revealed at level 4, 8, 12, and 16 of artifact upgrades. An uncommon (green) will have one substat revealed which will be upgraded at level 4, and then reveal a new substat at 8, 12, and 16. A rare (blue) piece will have two substats and will upgrade one of them, at random, at level 4 and 8, then reveal 2 new substats at 12 and 16. An epic (purple) will have 3 substats revealed and will upgrade one at random at 4, 8 and 12, and reveal the final substat at level 16, lastly, legendary (orange) gear begins with all 4 substats revealed, and will upgrade one at random every 4 levels.

Upgrades of substats are random, and an epic piece might upgrade the same substat 3 times, for example. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Upgrading the same substat 3 times can be very powerful if it’s good, but if you have have 2 good substats and 1 bad one, and the bad one gets all 3 upgrades, that epic gear is now barely better than a common piece!

The star count on the gear determines how strong the various stats are. Stars are often more important than rarity, as the increase is substantial. Stars can be slightly less important on weapon, helmet and shield, especially if that stat isn’t one you use (flat attack on a defense user, for example) if the substats are particularly good, but you will ultimately want 6* gear in every slot.

Please note that % increases are always better than flat increases. For example: 5* flat hp will be 3480 hp at level 16, and 5* %hp will be a 50% increase at level 16. Meaning that for anyone with more than 6960 base hp (which, as far as I know, is everyone in the game at level 60), the % increase will be better.

Raid Shadow Legends Gear Guide Status Effects

Stats that inflict status effects, such as toxic, stun, taunting, etc are notable in one extra way: they do not require an accuracy check. If the debuff procs, it will be applied, no matter how much resistance the target has. This can be useful against high RES targets in arena, once you get into the high tiers!

Set Bonuses

Artifacts are divided into two kinds of sets: 2-piece and 4-piece. You should always complete a set if you have a piece equipped. 3-pieces of a 4-piece set will give you no benefit. 3-pieces of a 2-piece set will only complete one set bonus and the 3rd piece will give no extra stats.

Set bonuses are cumulative. So 3 life sets will give you a bonus 45% HP, for example.

Set bonuses are nice, but don’t be slaves to them! Sometimes using an off-set piece of gear if it’s particularly good will give you better stats than using an inferior piece to complete the set. Exceptions are of course sets that have a particular effect beyond stats that you require, like life steal.

Clan Boss

Gearing for clan boss is very different from gearing for other situations. Damage in clan boss will come largely from enemy max hp scaling abilities, poison or hp burn debuffs, or the Giant Slayer/Warmaster mastery. As such, your main concern is speed, to apply these as fast as possible, survivability to get as many turns as possible to apply them, and accuracy for poisoners/burners to ensure their buffs apply.

For example: Kael geared for clan boss will be 3x speed sets, HP% gloves, HP% or accuracy chest, speed boots. HP or Defense on accessories, and Accuracy on the banner. You want to aim for high accuracy to ensure poison is applied (the amount needed varies by clan boss), and then make him as fast and tanky as possible to get as many stacks as you can. However, this build would make his damage terrible in EVERY other setting. So a set up like is recommended only for champs that you use exclusively on clan boss.


Hopefully this Raid Shadow Legends Gear Guide has taught you something and brought value to your game. Is anything incorrect or did w emiss something? Please reach out to us and leave a comment below. We will get back to you shortly, thanks!


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