Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts Guide

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions regarding artifacts, you have came to the right place. They can be quite confusing for both new and more experienced players. If you start upgrading artifacts blindly from day 1, you will surely lose alot of silver, time, and energy. Taking the time to understand this game mechanic will greatly benefit your game play. Our raid shadow legends artifacts guide combines a few youtube videos by knowledgeble players who have experience with artifacts.

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Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts

Want to watch everything you need to know in 17 minutes? Here is a great youtube video by ASH: Raid Shadow Legends channel in which he explains in depth about artifacts. He also shows you to upgrade artifacts and sell them.

Raid Shadow Legends Artifact Guide for Jewelry

Another artifact guide done by Hell Hades channel talks more about jewelry, what to cleanse, and what to keep.

How do you Farm Artifacts?

Ash breaks down how and where you farm artifacts, what to keep and what to sell.

Final Words

Thanks for checking out our guide! Was it helpful? We thought linking to youtube videos which are knowledgeable will provide the best answers. These players have first hand experience in the game and using artifacts. Please leave us a comment if you want to see anything else added or have additional questions, thanks!


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