Raid Shadow Legends Best Starter Guide

raid shadow legends best starter

In this guide, we will cover the raid shadow legends best starter in the game so that you start the game off right!

No body wants to waste time and resources. Starting off right will guarantee you success while you work your way up with the best starter you can have. The game wouldn’t be fun if you start off very slow; the game will get boring and players start to lose interest. At the beginning, players should focus their time and energy on campaign efforts while the clan boss is secondary. This is the key to progressing quickly.

What are the Best Starters?

Kael: probably the best of the starters in terms of the the clan boss. Has utility in the mid and early late game but will end of being exchanged anyways.

Elhaim: best campaign farmer. With the vampire set, she has the best survival rate by the AoE attacks. Choosing Elhaim basically accelerates the new player’s progress in general.

PS: Don’t pick Galek!

Check out our beginners guide to really accelerate your early game play.

Raid Shadow Legends Best Starter

Check out the video by SALT. He lays out the best starter hero and why it is.


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