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Realm Grinder Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Realm Grinder Ultimate Guide!

Need some answers? We got you covered with our ultimate realm grinder guide! We have everything from first starting out to artifacts and factions unlocking. Reincarnations, secret trophies, research, and more!

Starting out in Realm Grinder

You need to be thinking about getting trophies when you first start out! To get trophies, you generally need to progress in gems. Gem progression is typically limited by 3 resources

  • Gold
  • Faction Coins
  • Mana

Depending on which faction you choose, you can get these resources easier or harder.

First Run

Faction coins are really hard to come by. If you are like me, you want to start with the best possible solution to gaining coins. I’d suggest going with Elf on your first run. The Faction is under the Good Alignment. Warning: you will need to do a ton of clicking to gain faction coins but this is the fastest way to get them. Play until you can buy all the Elf upgrades and unlock the Elven Heritage. If you get a high mana regeneration rate, stacking the Call to Arms and Moon Blessing together, along with the elven luck, provides you a huge muliplier bonus for faction coins.


No rules on when to do this, but I’d suggest doing it once you hit a gem wall. When the game gets to hard to progress or you have no chance of significant production gains with a few max spell combos, its time to abdicate. When you first start out, you will be more than willing to abdicate anyways.

1M Gems +

Time to start using all the other Factions through to their end. This is to unlock the 6 ‘vanilla’ Heritages. While playing through with th edifferent Factions, you will start to get familiar with them and see which ones you like and don’t. This is the time to experiment with them all!


Save these for when you need them. This is to keep the cost low. They are very helpful for starting a run quickly instead of waiting for FCs.

Gem Range: 10/100B to 10/100Qi

Druids are more powerful here. You might switch to Titans because their spell gives a lot of Faction Coins. After you have made much progress, complete a few runs with the Good and Evil Alignments in order to gain a few building trophies. You may need to come back to Neutral for power in order to break down the gem wall.

100Qi Gems +

Spending these gems will unlock a new special quest. The quest unlocks the prestige factions of Dwarf and Drow! After reaching 200 excavations you need 50Qid (5e49) gold coins to open the Passage to the Underworld. This allows you to start the Dwarf and Drow unlock quests!

Unlocking Dwarf

This is going to cost you 7000 total buildings, 800 Inns on a Good-aligned run, and 10,000 clicks across all plays.

Unlocking Drow

650 Dark Temples on the current run, 325 Trophies and 10,000 spells cast across all your runs. If you are short on spells casting, you can choose Angel and use the autocast Tax Collection for as long as it takes you to get casts. In addition, this helps towards unlocking better autocasting. 

Excavations and Artifacts

Players can complete excavations to find coins, rubies and artifacts with a little bit of luck. Requirements for excavations are below.

ArchaeologyUnlocks Excavations(button appears)Have 1B gems in the abdication treasury.100 Oc
Survey EquipmentUnlocks the chance to find Lore Artifacts.Complete your 100th Excavation100 Dc

Most artifacts are very valuable and help you through the game. We have a list of the artifacts that you can find it the game. All artifacts have a random chance of appearing. It does not matter on how you buy the excavation.

Trophies in Realm Grinder

Trophies are the bread and butter! Most of them reward you an upgrade and obtaining more in the game also influences other upgrades. You can unlock trophies by doing tasks of increased difficulty at different stages in the game. Once you get a trophy, it is there forever. They don’t go away, even after reincarnation. Check out the full list of tropies, including secret trophies.

Realm Grinder Merc Builds

Mercenary builds are used to optimize gem gains, get over walls, and unlock certain trophies until your research can kick in. Mercenaries are a very unique faction. They have the ability to combine properties of other Factions. This comes at a high cost and FC expense. An obvious prerequisite for merc builds is that you must be able to buy all the Mercenaries’ upgrades. Check out the 2 videos below by Superspruce. He talks more about different merc builds.

Here is the second video on mercenary builds.

Realm Grinder Research

Enter the Research Facilities to improve your grinding potential. There you will be able to advance your research progress, unlock and buy special upgrades which will boost all your abilities hugely. Your research points in each branch are limited by the amount of Reincarnations you have.

Realm Grinder in-game
realm grinder research

Research consists of several specialized facilities. Each of those contains specific upgrades (which all have different research unlock requirements). Every facility is somehow related to a range of factions besides Vanilla, which is related to one facility; Neutral has two and Prestige has three. There are plenty of realm grinder research builds out there as well. Take a look at the video down below. They show an R29 moonshine build.

Realm Grinder Wiki

The realm grinder wiki page is a very helpful resource for everything related to the game. They can get into very intricate details over research, builds, factions, quests, etc. Be sure to check them out if you are looking for more info in a realm grinder guide.



Hopefully you enjoyed our realm grinder guide. We made this as a knowledge document that brings value to your gameplay and helps you overcome challenges. Has it helped? Anything missing or want to add? Let us know in the comments below!

Realm Grinder FAQ

What is the best faction in Realm Grinder?

Depends what you are looking for. Each faction has their own unlocks. .Angels are really good for unlocking the 6M mana upgrade. Elves are great for getting 500 Royal Exchanges. Fairies are great because they have mana boosts, assistant boosts, and building multipliers.

When should I reincarnate in Realm Grinder?

As soon as you can! When reincarnation becomes available, the “???” button on the upgrades panel, to the right of the Abdication button, changes to “Reincarnation“. Can only be performed for the first time when the user reaches 1 Oc (1E27) gems. Each reincarnation after costs an additional 1,000 times more gems.

How do I unlock research in Realm Grinder?

Research is very expensive. You’ll need to grind it out for at least 1E72 gems. Just play regularly and keep excavations at a reasonable price. You’ll need the FC’s later in order to level up Research Facilities.

How to get greed driver in Realm Grinder?

To unlock, you have to cast a chain of 100 Goblin’s Greeds in a single game. The formula is 0.75∗ln3.15(1+x) 0.75 ∗ ln 3.15. X is your Faction Coins gained in this game.

How do you unlock the Dragon in Realm Grinder?

After R46, players have to excavate the dragon egg and raise it into an elder dragon. There are 5 additional steps to take as noted in our guide before you unlock the dragon.

How to unlock the Dwarf Faction in Realm Grinder?

Just find 30,000 faction coins using the Diamond Pickaxe in a single game. Only the faction coins that are obtained from a Diamond Pickaxe will count.

How to unlock Druid Faction in Realm Grinder?

First, you need to find fossilized piece of barks 1 and 2. Then you need the druidic runestone. Finally you will choose the alignment. The alignment upgrade for neutral factions is called the proof of neutrality. It automatically appears in your next run after the first 3 Faction quest items have been collected noted above.

How to unlock Drow in Realm Grinder?

First you need to do 200 excavations to obtain the Passage of the Underworld. Next, you must have a total of 650 Dark Temples, 325 trophies, and 10,000 Spells cast for the Cloaked Shady Figure’s Quest. Finally, you will unlock Underworld Diplomacy.

How do you upgrade spells in Realm Grinder?

Spell upgrades are obtained by unlocking the spell’s trophy that start form R0. From R2 to R33, the challenge spell upgrades are awarded on succesfully completing all Tier challenges in a Faction. After you do that and buy the faction’s default spell upgrades, they will then be turned on my default.

What are artifacts in Realm Grinder?

In Excavations, you might come across Artifacts if you are lucky and meet certain conditions/requirements. Some of the artifacts will be required to unlock Neutral and Prestige Factions. Some of the Lore Artifacts give direct bonuses. Most do not reward you with anything.


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