Realm Grinder Trophies Guide Full List

realm grinder trophies

Our realm grinder trophies guide will show you every trophy in realm grinder and the requirement to unlock it. As you may know, trophies are a very valuable item because they can influence upgrades and grant you stackable rewards the more you unlock. Please see below.

Allegiance Trophies List

Here is the allegiance trophy list. The table shows both allegiance and lineage trophies.

Name How to UnlockType
Fairy ChampionBuy all of the Fairy Faction upgrades in a single runAllegiances
Elven ChampionBuy all of the Elven Faction upgrades.Allegiances
Angel ChampionBuy all of the Angel Faction upgrades.Allegiances
Goblin ChampionBuy all of theGoblin Faction upgrades.Allegiances
Undead ChampionBuy all of theUndead Faction upgrades.Allegiances
Demon ChampionBuy all of the Demon Faction upgrades.Allegiances
Titan ChampionBuy all of the Titan Faction upgrades.Allegiances
Druid ChampionBuy all of the Druid Faction upgrades.Allegiances
Faceless ChampionBuy all of theFaceless Faction upgrades.Allegiances
Dwarven ChampionBuy all of the Dwarven Faction upgrades.Allegiances
Drow ChampionBuy all of the Drow Faction upgrades.Allegiances
Mercenary ChampionBuy all of the Mercenary Faction upgrades.Allegiances
Dragon Champion (PA)Buy all of the Dragon Faction upgrades.Allegiances
Mercenary OathSelect Mercenary for the first time.Allegiances
Fairy Grand ChampionBuy all 3 Fairy Lineage perks.Lineages
Elven Grand ChampionBuy all 3 Elven Lineage perks.Lineages
Angel Grand ChampionBuy all 3 Angel Lineage perks.Lineages
Goblin Grand ChampionBuy all 3 Goblin Lineage perks.Lineages
Undead Grand ChampionBuy all 3 Undead Lineage perks.Lineages
Demon Grand ChampionBuy all 3 Demon Lineage perks.Lineages
Titan Grand ChampionBuy all 3 Titan Lineage perks.Lineages
Druid Grand ChampionBuy all 3 Druid Lineage perks.Lineages
Faceless Grand ChampionBuy all 3 Faceless Lineage perks.Lineages
Dwarven Grand ChampionBuy all 3 Dwarven Lineage perks.Lineages
Drow Grand ChampionBuy all 3 Drow Lineage perks.Lineages
Dragon Grand ChampionBuy all 3 Dragon Lineage perks.Lineages

Secret Trophies List

Secret trophies are hidden throughout the game. Their icons and tooltips only become visible after you have completed them. Each of these trophies rewards a secret upgrade which shows up in the upgrades tab and the current game right when you approach their total cost. See the list below.

Secret Trophy Name How To Acquire
LeetReach 1337 coins at any time.
UnitaryHave 1 of each building at any time.
Building HaterHave 100,000 coins without building.
Grand DiplomatAlly with every faction at least 1 time.
Exchange MasterBuy 500 royal exchanges in one game.
Lucky NeutralSit for 7777 minutes being Neutral. (5d 9h 37m)
Perfectly GoodPut in 333 hours being Good. (13d 21h)
Diabolical EvilPut in 6 days, 66 hours, 666 minutes and 666666 seconds being Evil. (16d 22h 17m 6s)
Assistant SquasherClick 100 times on the small assistants in the background, above your realm.
RewindAbdicate after achieving 1E27 coin.
Faction GrinderBuy the first six Faction Heritage upgrades in one game.
Master ArcheologistDiscover all the relics of titans, druids, and faceless. (Ancient Races)
SpellfuryUse Tax Collection while having three spells activated.
Speed RunReach 1E6 coins in less than five minutes without Gem Power.
EqualityWith no less than three days of playtime, have less than one minute of playtime difference for 3 alignments. Counts time for current reincarnation.
Beard CarpetHave 3km beards on assistants.
PremeditationHave 850 Dark Temples on any one run before affiliating with Drow.
Fast ForwardAccumulate offline time of 88 hours.
Need a Head Start?Do nothing for 5 minutes after starting new game.
Realm DiggerExcavate 400 times.
HarlequinPurchase an upgrade from 11 different factions as a Merc.
LuciferBuy only Evil mercenary faction upgrades as a good merc.
MathematicianAccumulate building amounts equal to 2 tier-1 from bottom to top. Start from 20 Halls of Legends.(1024 Farms, 512 Inns, 256 Blacksmiths, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2 and 1 Hall of Legends)
Mercenary SpiritReincarnate while playing as Merc.
BloodstreamBuy 100 upgrades from each faction as Merc.
Unlimited ManaMana regen rate of 300 mana per second.
For Science!Buy all the research facilities.
Exchange LordPurchase 1500 Royal Exchanges in a single game.
MagicianDiscover 10 Spellcraft Researches.
Artisan10 Craftsmanship Researches discovered.
Demigod10 Divine Researches discovered.
Businessman10 Economics Researches discovered.
ApothecaryDiscover 10 Alchemy Researches.
WarlordDiscover 10 Warfare Researches.
Faction RunHave 1.5E6 Faction Coins in less than 5 minutes without Gem Power, Excavations, or spells.
No RecruitingHave 1E90 gems in a Reincarnation without affiliating with Mercs.
That Excavated QuicklyExcavate 1000 times in the first 30 seconds of playing time.
glho kohhl snodIn the options, try importing this: glho kohhl snod
Mana MatrixHave 4767 maximum mana.
Suggestion MasterOpen changelog and sit in there for 3 minutes. To open it, click version number in options.
Rule 'disAbdicate 10 times in 3 minutes.
Because I Like to GrindSpend 3 hours playing in one game.
Triple Weirdness(PA)333 of each Royal Exchange.
Stoic ResistanceHave gems in treasury equal to 1E27 gems without abdicating since the start of a new Reincarnation.
Van!shmentReach an Offline Bonus of at least 1E15.
Iron RushGet 725 Iron Strongholds in 5 minutes. Don't use gem power or reincarnation power.
Colorful Autocasting(PA)Have all types of autocasting active simultaneously.
Spell Cataclysm(PA)4 spells active on tier 5 or higher.
Advisor InsightClick on Hint button 100 times.
Dragon Tamer(PA)Develop the Spiky Egg into Elder Dragon.
Helden Sterben NichtJoin Mercs, Undead, and Angels within 15 minutes in one game, new run.
Mana WasteMana regen higher than max mana.
Prismatic Mana(PA)Cast same amount of Faction spells with all Vanilla and Neutral factions 100 each. This is unlocked after ascending one time.
Autoclicker(PA)Perform 40 auto clicks in one second. Only unlocked at R60 or higher.
Exchange High Lord(PA)Buy 5000 royal exchanges in one game.
Genealogist(PA)Total of 300 lineage levels.
Holy Frenzy (PA2)Have a combined activity time of 3 days from Blood Frenzy and Holy Light in 1 reincarnation.
Uniformity (PA2)Have less than 1 minute of playtime difference for the Order, Chaos and Balance alignments with atleast 3 days of playing time.
Art Of The Crow (PA2)Excavate a total of 6 full Faction Artifact Sets.
Faction Ruler (PA2)Unlock all the Advanced Heritages.
MAD Masks (PA2)R125+, Find all the fragments of Makers, Archon and Djinn masks.
Future Linkin (PA2)A2+, Abdicate with 150,000 Unique Buildings.
God's FingersReach 1e8 automatic clicks in one Reincarnation.
True HarlequinBuy one upgrade from 15 different factions as a merc.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully our real grinders trophy guide has helped and provided you with the knowledge to obtain them. Have any questions or did we miss/mess something up on the page? If you want to leave any feedback, please leave us a comment below, thank you!


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