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Best Mobile Games – May 2020

The mobile gaming industry has seen a boom in the past decade as the number of smartphone gamers has seen a surge. These increased number of users have provided an excellent opportunity to game developers for presenting their gaming titles that were previously available on PC to be now available on the mobile platform as well.

We’ve seen big names the likes of PUBG and Fortnite enter the mobile gaming industry and the huge anticipation regarding the launch of League of Legends: Wild Rift is also an indication of how eager players are to get good gaming options on the mobile platform that can be enjoyed on the go.

Let’s take a look at some of the games that have been able to maintain a considerable fan following and can thus be called the best mobile games of various genres in May 2020.

Action Games

Let’s first discuss the Action Games genre and some games that are currently the hot favorite in this category.

Marvel Strike Force

MARVEL Strike Force has been developed by FoxNext Games for both iOS and Android platforms as an action-based role-playing mobile game.

The game features several characters of Marvel, including Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and Punisher, who are on a mission to defend planet Earth against alien invasions.

Marvel Strike Force mobile

When the squad has been selected, the game initiates and every character is given a turn. Players can choose from the different options that each character can perform. These actions are shown at the bottom right part of the screen and can be activated by simply tapping on the respective icon. Every character has special abilities that when performed cause considerable damage to opponents.

Once a level has been won, the game proceeds to the next stage and the difficulty level continues to increase. To meet the increasing demand for higher skills for advanced levels, players use the rewards they earn to upgrade their characters.

Call Of Duty Mobile

call of duty mobile 2020

Call of Duty Mobile has been developed by Activision Publishing, Inc. and Tencent for both iOS and Android devices and is an excellent option for gamers looking for a first-person shooter mobile game. Millions of global players have been enjoying the PC version of the game and seeing its popularity the game developers have now made it available on the mobile platform which has turned out as a huge success.

Call of Duty Mobile is a feature-rich game with the ability to keep players engaged for long periods. The wide range of available maps and weapons add to the overall fun and entertainment filled playing experience.

There are several map options in the game that players can choose from. A timer runs during the gameplay, and the team that kills more enemy soldiers becomes the winner at the end of the game. A second approach for winning is to kill the specified number of opponents before the enemy does so.

More weapons with updated hardware and functions are made available as the game levels advance. The opponents also get more advanced which makes the gameplay more challenging.

Johnny Trigger:

Johnny Trigger is a mobile game, which has been developed for iOS and Android platforms by SayGames.

johhny trigger mobile

It is a free to download and play game which is a good option for fans of the “Action Games” category. It is one of the best games having the potential to captivate players who are looking for a casual and entertaining gaming experience. The high ratings received from players are an indication of the general liking among the gamers.

Unlike other mainstream games, Johnny Triggers is not a guzzler in terms of storage space and carries a requirement of mere 73 MBs which makes it a great option for players who don’t possess devices capable of handling heavy-duty games. It requires Android versions 4.1 or above and is playable on nearly all Android smartphones in existence today.

After the game has been loaded, the users are greeted by a landing screen that provides gameplay information including the cash and gems possessed by the players. The game offers a simple and immersive experience that is loved by players.

This screen also includes the settings option which allows players to turn on or off the sounds and music, as required. The costumes and weapons carried by the character are also chosen from here.

By a single tap on the landing screen, players can start the game, and the character is seen in action where six bullets are initially provided to shoot the enemies by tapping on the screen.

Each level ends when a checkpoint is reached whereby players earn cash and gems based on their performance which can be used to make the in-app purchases. The difficulty level of the game increments with the increase in in-game levels.

Adventure Games

Some great options of the “Adventure Games” genre are as following:


Roblox is a simple yet highly addictive game, similar to “The Sims,” where players are allowed to create their characters. According to their preferences, gamers can conveniently personalize the Avatar and select the body, clothes, and animation of the character, along with various other choices presented by the game.

Players spend everyday life while playing and taking different actions similar to what people do on a daily basis. The activities include changing clothes, taking a shower, sleeping, taking rest, eating food, and other common human activities.

roblox on mobile

The characters also have their own homes that can be decorated to the players’ liking and furnished with objects bought from the in-game shop.

All shopping is done by using the cash that players earn from the different levels of the game. The game’s storyline is very catchy, and players are thus addicted to the game which is depicted by more than 100 million downloads across several platforms.

Counter Strike

Another trending game of the Adventure category is “Counter Strike”. The game provides gamers with the ability to have quick sessions while playing this first-person shooter. The overall graphic quality will not be able to dazzle players. An added benefit of the comparatively simpler graphics is that almost all mobile phone owners can enjoy the game with such minimalistic requirements.

counter strike 2020

Several mission options exist that the players can choose from. However, not all missions are available right from the beginning of the session and players need to work their way while proceeding in the game.

However, to facilitate the players that are interested in making quick progress in the game, the option to unlock all levels is also provided but comes at a heavy cost.

The gameplay is shown in the above image to present interested players with a quick idea of what can be generally expected from this game.

Puzzle Games

Best Puzzle Games in May 2020 include the following:

Hero Rescue

This game belongs to the Puzzle category and is thus easy on requirements but still manages to provide an entertaining and engaging experience to players due to the exciting storyline.

hero rescue mobile

Players are made to think about their actions as one wrong move and the entire game comes to an end. The gameplay is shown in the image below where players are required to open several pins to proceed further.

Hero Rescue can be considered a great game if the aim is to make kids think about what the next move should be and what will be its result.

The overall objective of the game is to get the character to the gold which is usually located on the top and is made obtainable by a series of moves made in the correct order. One wrong move can jeopardize the gameplay for gamers. After every five levels, the character reaches the queen and sets her free.

Sand Balls

Sand Balls is another exciting game that is a great option for kids as the game features rich vibrant colors and is easy to play, which makes it one of the favorite games for kids of various ages.

sand balls mobile

Players are required to create a path, in the sand, for the colorful balls located at the top of the screen for filling the truck located below. The game gets more challenging as the levels proceed further. With the clearance of each level, players are shown the percentage of truck they’ve unlocked which increases with the completion of each level.

When the percentage reaches the 100% mark, players are presented with a new truck which then starts appearing at the bottom of the screen for collecting the balls. This can be seen in the image below.

The game also features other options of construction like the SUN BEDS option shown below. Upon selecting the build option, players can create various buildings which are then shown on the map.

Final Verdict

Several gaming titles keep appearing on a regular basis. However, only a few are able to stand the test of time and become great games by captivating players. These games mentioned above are the best gaming options of various genres in May 2020, however, we are yet to see if some of them will be able to make their way to the future as well by gaining a huge fanbase.


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