Merge Magic Guide

merge magic guide

Have you heard of Merge Dragons? Well, Merge Magic! is a puzzle adventure game created by the same developers, Gram Games. You as the player must heal magical land that is cursed by wicked witches by using the power of your creatures. You will take part in fun quests and challenges consisting of puzzles while … Read more

Merge Dragons Challenge 11 Final Win

merge dragons challenge 11

Merge Dragons Challenge 11 Walkthrough Hello everyone and thansk for stopping by! This is our guide on how to beat challenge 11 in merge dragons! This walkthrough will take you on a step by step basis on completing challenge 11 and beating it for the final win! From completing it, you will win a tribal … Read more

Merge Dragons Challenge 9 Final Win

merge dragons challenge 9

Merge Dragons Challenge 9 walkthrough Hello and welcome to our guide! I’m sure that you are here because you want to see how to beat the challenge 9 in merge dragons. This page will show you step by step instruction for completing this challenge so you can finally beat it all 3 times (or whichever … Read more

Merge Dragons Challenge 8 Final Win

merge dragons challenge 8

Merge Dragons Challenge 8 Walkthrough Hello everyone and welcome! In this guide, we will walk you through how to complete challenge 8 merge dragons! With this knowledge, you will be able to beat the challenge in around a minute and a half which is fast enough for all 3 attempts. You will also win a … Read more

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