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Merge Magic Guide

Have you heard of Merge Dragons? Well, Merge Magic! is a puzzle adventure game created by the same developers, Gram Games. You as the player must heal magical land that is cursed by wicked witches by using the power of your creatures. You will take part in fun quests and challenges consisting of puzzles while growing your very own garden and creatures from the rewards you gain. The cool part is that all iems in game have mergable “chains” that allows a player to merge the item up until the last item in that chain is created. There are many unique creatures, treasures, items, and mysteries to unlock!

This guide is here to assist you or multiple ways. We have challenge guides and tips and tricks for getting more wood, coins, creatures, and wonders faster than ever! Everything we know tat helps us in merge magic, we will show here.

Merge Magic Challenge Guides

Check out our challenge guides below! We did not include challenge 1 because we felt it was pretty self explanatory.

Merge Magic Challenge 2
Merge Magic Challenge 3
Merge Magic Challenge 4
Merge Magic Challenge 5
Merge Magic Challenge 6
Merge Magic Challenge 7
Merge Magic Challenge 8
Merge Magic Challenge 9
Merge Magic Challenge 10
Merge Magic Challenge 11
Merge Magic Challenge 12
Merge Magic Challenge 13
Merge Magic Challenge 14
Merge Magic Challenge 15
Merge Magic Challenge 16
Merge Magic Challenge 17
Merge Magic Challenge 18

Every so often, you will come across a challenge stage in the story mode. These challenges are timed, which make them harder to complete. Each challenge has a total of 3 wins to it. Each win will give you a better reward than the last. As you can see in the picture, challenge 16 will give you a Treant child as the second win and Final win is a Treant which has far more magic power. Keep in mind, the challenge time limit becomes very minimal on the final win, forcing you to try to complete it as fast as possible! The rewards are well worth it though! In addition, most of the challenges require the 1st win, in order to move on through the story mode.

How to get free Amber Hive Mystery Eggs!

amber hive mystery egg farming

Did you know you can farm amber hive eggs? We weren’t aware until recently! Our guide will teach you how and also show you some drop rates of the eggs to get a better picture of how many harvests it will take to get creatures!

How to quickly farm coins?

merge magic coin farming
merge magic coin farming

We have created a guide to walk you through one way to farm coins. This will surely give you the initial jump to quickly start coin farming. In a few hours of dedicated play time, you will be able to farm 25k coins in no time! Checkout our coin farming guide!

How to bubble anything

Need more space in your garden? That is always an issue! The good news is that there is a way to “bubble” your items so that you can have more space in the garden. Bubble your monument chain and save it for later! Watch the video by Toasted Boutique Gamer below to see how to bubble.


merge magic quests

Quests in Merge Magic! are great for rewards! Each level has a unique puzzle behind it that you must solve by merging and healing land to win. Also, there are three unique side quests annotated with “stars” per level. If you complete these various tasks, a golden fallen star will drop into the level. You can merge all 3 of the stars for a higher level star and click them to open and get rewards. If you get lucky, a magic star could fall into the level allowing you to collect gems! Upon completion of a level, you can pick from various rewards to take back to your garden. Some are free and others you can purchase for gems.

In order to start a quest, you have to have enough compasses. Your compasses are noted in the top left of the screen. The amount of compasses that a level consumes varies per level. Compasses respawn every hour but you can also refill your compasses with gems. In addition, sometimes you can watch an ad or two for additional compasses.

Merge Magic Garden

merge magic garden

After you start reaping rewards from completing challenges and quests, you can go to your garden to claim them. Here, you can work on merging item chains and merging creatures for more powerful ones. You can layout the items how you like. Note that the creatures have “stamina” in the garden. The creature can perform one action per stamina point. Once their stamina runs out, they will retreat to a tree house, where they will sleep to regain their stamina back. Also, you can add friends in the garden and send them gifts. You can send up to 5 gifts per day.

Creature Eggs

Creature eggs

In Merge Magic, one of the coolest features are creature eggs! There are a ton of little ones to choose from and collect! In the picture, we show you how a few of them look in the store in the garden. You can buy eggs with coins, gems, and collect them from quest chests and level rewards. There are many premium eggs which will require you to pay gems to obtain.

Merge Magic Creatures

merge magic creatures

In the garden, you can look up creatures that you have obtained and unlocked. This is also where you can merge three or five creatures of the same kind and level to further increase their level and your “Magic Power”. Magic power refers to your total amount of power from all creatures you have. A few creatures you will come across are fairys, minotaurs, unicorns, treants, sprites, dragons, pegasus, and many more to collect!

Merge Magic FAQ

  1. What is the best way to get free gems?

    To get free gems, you have to get lucky when beating a quest for a gem star to drop. To make this quicker, you can farm various quests that only take 1 compass AND can be beaten quickly. Ancient Forest 1, Dark Swamps 3, and Witch Dominion 1 are a few fast farming quests. You can always buy them too 🙂

  2. What is the best way to spend gems?

    The garden quests that require gems to buy things are worth skipping with gems.
    Wouldn't worry about Elven Temples, Mana pools, and flower pots and level rewards because they are overpriced.
    Egg chests aren't really a great deal either.
    If you are looking at high creature power, save up to buy tier 2 dimension jar nests.
    If you are a big spender, obviously you can do whatever.

  3. What should I spend wood on?

    The in-store chests that you can buy with wood are great for buying with wood. Strong chests, Spirit chests, Fighter chests, Queen chests, and Humble chests will help you scale your garden up to the wonders of the realm.

  4. How to farm wood?

    Buy a bunch of Queen chests and merge them in 5's to make King chests. Opening these will give you many higher level stumps you can use to merge up to lvl 9's and 10 stumps. Farming these will give you higher lvl wood logs from them, making it much easier to get lvl 9 mountain of wood planks (25k wood each).

  5. What do the wood bought chests in the shop give?

    Strong chests (merge for Powerful chests) give you evergreen trees and statues.
    Spirit chests (merge for Chest of souls) give you floating rocks, glowing plants, and ponds/puddles.
    Fighter chests (merge for Hero chests) give you ancient trees and mineral rocks.
    Queen chests (merge for King chests) give you stumps and monoliths.
    Humble chests(merge for Noble chests) give you life flowers and bushes.

  6. How to farm coins quickly?

    Check out our guide on coin farming located on this page. We walk you through setting up and amplifying your coin farming adventure!

  7. What should I spend coins on?

    You should aim to use your coins specifically on eggs in the shop. You can easily scale your creature power by farming coins on a level and buying hundreds of eggs.


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