Win Merge Magic Challenge 16


Merge Magic Challenge 16 Walkthrough

Hello everyone! This is our guide on how to beat challenge 16 in merge magic! This walkthrough will take you on a step by step basis on completing challenge 16 and beating it for the final win!

Challenge 16 Merge Magic Video

This video is all you need to watch in order to win the challenge! Go ahead and click the video below and watch it now.

Step by Step Guide

Below is our walkthrough with step by step instruction. We have taken screenshots of the gameplay at various steps in the guide to hopefully make it better understandable for you. If you are still lost after reading this guide, have a look at our video. The gameplay in the video should definately help you get through the challenge.

  • Merge 5 peacat eggs and then merge 5 faint spirit rocks
merge magic challenge 16 walkthrough
  • Merge 3 soul mana rocks to unlock lvl 4 tree and other should unlock lvl 5 tree.
  • Harvest 2 little orbs from lvl 4 tree and megre those below to unlock the druid stone.
how do you win challenge 16 in merge magic
  • Merge the dyr eggs and the arcane rocks to the left.
  • Next take the fruit bush shrub up to the top left and merge those three.
  • Take the wise floating rock and merge it in the middle top.
  • Now merge the 3 minitaur eggs.
challenge 16
  • Move final soul rock to middle for the merge.
  • Merge lvl 4 trees and lvl 5 trees together down below.
  • Next move the lvl 6 tree over to the bottom right to create that merge.
  • Make creatures harvest from lvl 7 tree to make two lvl 3 orbs to merge at top middle.
  • Merge three grapes on the right side to unlock the super deadland.
  • Merge 3 druid stones on either left or right side to unlock another statue.
  • Continue harvesting life orbs from lvl 7 tree.
  • Merge five lvl 1 statues to get two lvl 2 statues.
  • Heal the last statue for 500 points then merge the remaining three lvl 1 statues.
  • Finally merge the lvl 2 statues to win the challenge.

Final Words

You won the challenge! Or did you? Are you still having trouble? If you are, please let us know either on this page or our youtube video. We reply to all comments! Let us know how this guide was also! Thanks for reading!


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  1. S. G.

    I’m Hoping that this video helps! I’ve spent lots of gems buying things to help pass this board and still failed. Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge but after numerous tries and expense I was going to quit the game. I think it would have been better to have an “opt out” feature on this board and leave it for those that wish to continue the challenge without making it a barrier to continue game play.

    1. MobileGamersHQ

      Hopefully the video helps! Just follow the exact pattern in it and I’m sure you will be fine. It may take 2 or 3 tries but follow it and you should get it!

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