Fractal Space Review – Adventure Puzzle Game

Let me start by saying that Fractal Space isn’t your everyday, copy cat adventure game. This story driven, first person adventure/puzzle game is a unique twist on the old adventure game series. It’s an exploration of a space station set in a zero gravity environment. You must use your tazer and jetpack to navigate your way through the stages. In other words, think outside the box! Use your brain to solve unique puzzles, which can be quite the challenge!

Fractal space review

Before I dive into details, it is worth noting the game is in beta version. Now the beta version is stable, according to the devs. The full game will be released in the future. The devs are actively working on bug fixes and actively engaged with the project, which I love. You can say they really do care about the game and will continue to improve it.

Gameplay Details

The game is set in space. You will be solving puzzles in first person view. The puzzles are sort of like mini games throughout the chapter. There are also hints and tips you can use if you get stuck. There are also collectibles in the game (tapes) that can be collected and provide colors to your tazer.

Fractal Space

As you navigate further into the game, you’ll be going between levels, flying with your jetpack, using portals, unlocking doors with codes you find, angling mirrors for light beams, and more.

For a small team of devs, this game is very good! Fractal Space’s plot just keeps thickening as you progress. You will discover voice recordings which fill in the backstory over time. This will explain everything you wanted to know about I.G. 

I love that this game has multiple endings! Just when you thought you completed the game!

Gameplay Video

Want to see the gameplay? Check out the video below.

Fractal Space Game Download

The download for Fractal Space comes in HD and free versions.

  • HD version – greater textures, 4k resolution, lighting is dynamic, bonus content
  • Free version – looks basic, no bonus content

Fractal Space on steam.

Fractal Space on Android

Fractal Space IOS

Fractal space


I encourage anyone who likes puzzle games to give it a try. Give yourself a new challenge! If you ever played Portal, you’ll definitely like this game.

If you really like the free version, consider upgrading to the HD version. You’ll be directly supporting the devs! They will appreciate it!

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