Coin Master Free Spins

coin master free spins
coin master free spins

Welcome to our coin master free spins page! Here we will continually update our page each day to give you the most free spin opportunities we can! These links are from moonactive (developer of the game) themselves and are not spam at all. There are many spammy websites out there trying to take advantage of the players by promising them unlimited spins and thousands of spins. They make you fill out information and complete tasks that they get paid for and leave you without any spins. Below are the links.

May 2020Free spins and coins

February 2020Free spins and coins

Feb 27 – 10 free spins & coin master free coins
Feb 26 – 25 free spins & 25 free spins
Feb 25 – 25 free spins & coin master coins
Feb 25 – 25 free spins & 25 free spins

How to get multiples of 120 free spins

There is a unique way to get as many 120 free spin rewards as you want, but let me put it this way….it takes alot of work. As you may or may not know, you get 120 free spins per facebook friend that joins the game through facebook. Who says you can’t make a few “new facebook profiles” and become friends with them? Make them each join the game through the link you send them. This of course will grant you 120 free spins each time, but you are wasting a lot of valuable time and effort making these fake profiles. I’m not sure that anyone wants to go this route, but this is another option.

Unlimited Free Spins Coin Master!

coin master unlimited spins
coin master unlimited spins

Whoever says this, they are just trying to scam you. They want you to complete their offers so they make money. They will route you to a fake server with this game on it that you will login and see unlimited spins. You cannot play your real account and these servers are here to trick you. Do not fall for any of these scammers. The scammers are very prevalent in facebook groups, always posting these too good to be true offers for unlimited spins and coins. Just be aware they are fake.

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  1. I love this game. Just hate it when I run out of spins fast.


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