Coin Master Guide Tips and Tricks

coin master guide
coin master guide

Welcome to the biggest Coin Master guide you will ever need! Some of the things we cover includes free coins, free spins, card trading, levels, and chests. This is especially helpful for coin master beginners who just recently downloaded the game or are looking for helpful tips and tricks for coin master. Lets get right in!

Coin Master Free Cards

coin master beginner guide

To get free cards for coin master, you need to join some facebook groups and start requesting cards that you are missing. There is no hack or glitch to obtain these. Either that, or you have to buy chests, which wouldn’t be free. Below, we will list the top 3 facebook groups. These groups also post helpful info and can be seen as another resource for a coin master guide.

Rare Cards List and Cost

Looking for a list of rare cards and their costs? Check out our rare card list!

Free Spins

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DO NOT believe in the free spin hacks or free spin glitches! There is no way to get unlimited spins for that matter. Some of them will have you logout and sign into a remote server in which they gain money by making you complete certain actions. Then on their server they show you your game with maxed out spins in which you can only use on their server. It isn’t your real account!These are scams!


Check out our free spins post!

Free Coins

coin master beginners guide


DO NOT believe in the free coin hacks or free coin glitches! There is no way to get unlimited coins for that matter. Some of them will have you logout and sign into a remote server in which they gain money by making you complete certain actions. Then on their server they show you your game with maxed out coins in which you can only use on their server. It isn’t your real account! These are scams!

Coin Master Villages

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In coin master, the leveling system consists of upgrading villages. Your rank is the village number at the top. There are many different scenarios that villages come in. Every village contains 5 items, or artifacts that need to be upgraded 5 times each in order to finish the object. Players can damage your items and artifacts is you don’t have any shields or the rhino pet active. In addition, the attacker will also take some of your cash. If item is damaged just once, it is half price of upgrade to repair. If it got hit 2 times without being repaired, it will now cost the full amount of the last upgrade.

Coin Master Village List and Cost

Our Coin Master Villages List will show you every village name and cost for building the whole village. Not to mention, it lists some general FAQ’s regarding villages such as village discounts, village master events, and more.


Spinning the slot machine costs 1 spin each time once you start (bet 1x is activated). The bet amounts can be moved up based on the amount of spins you have. When superbet is on, you can bet around 10% of your current spins. Example is if you have 200 spins, you can bet x20. Five spins will generate per hour until it reaches its maximum of 60 spins.

Spinning the roulette machine comes down to being lucky but here are some of the rewards you can expect to get. Your rewards will be multipled by the amount that you bet. The bullets below tell you what reward assuming you got 3 matching icons across.

  • Shields will give you shields depending on your bet amount. You can have a maximum of 5 shields.
  • Coins gives you much more coins depending on your village level and the amount of your bet.
  • Coin pouches yields the highest possible amount of coins, determined by village level and bet amount.
  • Energy capsules gives you 10 spins times the number of your bet.
  • Hammer icons gives you the ability to attack other players, damage their village, and take some coins.
  • Pig icons will make you raid the current coin master, which is shown above the slot machine at the top.


In regular attacking, you will damage someone’s village and take some of their coins. There is the option of hitting your friend or a random person. I’d prefer to hit a random person if you know your friend really well or are part of a coin master group. Attacks can be blocked by shields, which players can have a maximum of 5 shields at once. The shield will give you less coins than if the player didn’t have one.


When you get 3 pig icons, you get to raid. Raiding gives you the option to steal alot of the other player’s coins. See the mechanics below.

  • When you get to their village, there are 4 holes
  • You only get 3 shovels to dig.
  • 1 hole is either empty or filled with a chest.
  • Other 3 have coins and 1 hole has a bigger valuer of coins than the others.

While raiding, have your foxy pet activated to steal more coins. To have the pet active, you have to feed it a treat. It will dig in the 4th hole which results in additional coins.

Don’t fear that you will get bankrupt of a few people who raid your village. The amount of coins they get to steal from you depends on their village level. In addition, remember to keep a low coin supply in your bank because the less you have, the less people can take from you.


There are 3 Pets which have their own very unique features. See below for a description of each one.

  • Tiger – Advantage in attacking. The tiger gives you an extra amount of coins when attacking someone. Using this pet th emost if probably the best idea to gain alot of coins since attacking is a pretty common mechanic. Attack Madness event is the best time to use the Tiger.
  • Foxy – Gives advantage during raids. You get extra coins in raids up to 99% of the amount you raided from the enemy.
  • Rhino – Helps prevent from attacks. The Rhino acts like a shield which protects your items from getting destroyed. Useful only when you are building your village and do not have enough coins to complete it.

Pets can be leveled up by experience points (XP). XP is obtained some card collections, events, spinning the machine, or bought with real money.

Coin Master Tips and Tricks

  • To complete more card sets, it is recommended to spend around 1 billion gold on chests until village 50. After village 50, spend around 1.5-2 billion gold. This ensures you will get the most cards on the villages.
  • Learn the spinning pattern. Do not bet x50 every time. If you are losing quite a bit of spins, just have enough patience to wait until the next event. Using them on an event will ensure you gain them back!
  • Buy the most chests you can when the cards boom event is active. This event gives the players 50% more cards in each chest!

Coin Master App for Android and IOS

You can download coin master from the apple store and google playstore below.

Coin Master Official Twitter and Facebook

Check out the game’s official facebook and twitter pages.

Coin Master FAQ

How do you send more than 5 cards per day?

Set the phone date to 24 hours in advance and the cards per day resets.

How do you get more rare cards?

Join facebook groups! Ask for cards you are missing.

How do you keep super betting active?

If you have super bet enabled, keep your betting as x5 and you will keep it.

Why is my Coin Master shutting down or off?

First try closing out the app and turning it back on. If that doesn’t work, close it out and restart your phone. If that still does not work, link your account to facebook and uninstall / reinstall the app. Hopefully that helps!

How do you reset Coin Master?

Go ahead and open Facebook. Click the menu button to the right of the screen. Scroll down and click on “Account Settings”. Scroll down and press on “Apps”. Now click on the first option that says “Logged in with Facebook”. Go down and click on “Coin Master”. Now at the bottom of this page, press on “Remove App” and press “Remove”. Next, log out of Facebook and then log back in with the account you wish to play with. Finally, restart Coin Master on your device and login to Facebook.

How do I protect my village in Coin Master?

Shields will protect you from an attack. You can hold up to 5 shields at once. You can get shields from spinning form the coin machine.

How do I block attacks in Coin Master?

First, you can use your Rhino to block attacks. The more you upgrade the rhino, the better defense. Second is with the shields you get from spinning. You can hold up to 5 of them.

Can you chat on Coin Master?

You cannot directly chat with players in the game. What you can do is create a facebook account, link your coin master to it, then add people from coin master and talk to them. Another solution would be to get people to join a facebook group to chat on.

How many levels are there in Coin Master?

There are currently 252 levels in coin master as of May 2020.

What are the stars in Coin Master?

Stars are collected to keep rank and place players on the leaderboard. Stars are earned by building village items and also by collecting new cards. Village items give 1 star per upgrade and cards will give the number of stars shown at the top of each one.

Final Words

Anything we missed? Would you like to suggest more content? Let us know in our comments section below and we will get back to you very soon! Thanks for reading and I hope our coin master guide has helped!

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