The Sultans Inventor Chapter 8 Walkthrough

The Sultans Inventor Chapter 8 walkthrough will help you find all the hidden items, the codes to all the chests/box openings, and complete all the puzzles in this chapter. The sultans inventor series is part of an ongoing Adventure Escape Mysteries category of room escape games made by Haiku Games.

Sultans Inventor Chapter 8 Intro

Vizier Jamal is about to be executed for a crime he did not commit. Will Zara and Cyrus find a way to save him and stop Princess Amira from taking the throne? Time is running out!

Chapter 8 Emergency Control Panel Puzzle

Zara “This is an emergency control panel for the tiger. It’s missing a few gems. Good. Now we have to place the tiles to connect each matching pair of gems. Once they’re all lit up, the tiger should turn off.”

the sultans inventor chapter 8 tiger panel

AE Mysteries Sultans Inventor Chapter 8 Video

Our video walkthrough below will guide you to complete the various puzzles you will encounter in this chapter.

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