The Sultans Inventor Chapter 1 Walkthrough

The Sultans Inventor Chapter 1 walkthrough will help you find all the hidden items, the codes to all the chests/box openings, and complete all the puzzles in this chapter. The sultans inventor series is part of an ongoing Adventure Escape Mysteries category of room escape games made by Haiku Games.

Chapter 1 Intro

The time has come for Royal Inventor Zara and Sultan Omar to part ways. Will Zara’s tenure in Yangara end on a high note? Or will her final exhibition fall flat?

Sultans Inventor Chapter 1 Jewelry Box Puzzle

Zara had designed a jewelry box for Sultana’s birthday. The pieces must be rotated and rearranged around to create the floral designs. Pressing the three purple knobs in the centers of each will rotate the pieces.

the sultans inventor chapter 1 jewelry box puzzle

Tile Puzzle

The wall tile puzzle is a clue from Mustafa. The completed screenshot is below.

the sultans inventor chapter 1 tile puzzle

Power Gem Puzzle

Firstly, you will complete the automations. One of the automations does not work. Therefore, Zara suggests the gem structure came loose in transport. The power gems actually fell out of place. Next, the gems must be put back in the correct spots. Gems that are connected by the paths cannot share the same color or shape. In addition, the completed screenshot is below. Finally, follow the video below to see the completion.

the sultans inventor chapter 1 power gem puzzle

AE Mysteries Sultans Inventor Chapter 1 Video

Our video walkthrough below will guide you to complete the various puzzles you will encounter in this chapter.

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