Nobodies After Death Walkthrough

Nobodies After Death Walkthrough will guide you through each mission, or operation to find the hidden items and objects needed to clean up the assasinations. Nobodies is a first-person point and click adventure game created by Blyts about cleaning up the bodies of people who have been assassinated.

Nobodies After Death Mission 2 – Operation Quagmire Walkthrough

Intro to nobodies after death level 2: I’ll level with you, Asset: Isadora Ramos wasn’t working alone. An entire agency cell has defected with stolen intel, and most of them remain at large. We’re putting every person we can trust on removing these traitors from play.

We’ve just caught an easy break by taking out demolitions speciliast Mason King. King tried to lay low in his hunting cabin deep in the Louisiana bayou. Fortunately for us, the idiot listed the property on his original agency application. Go do some housekeeping.

Nobodies After Death Mission 3 – Operation Roadkill Walkthrough

Intro to nobodies after death level 3: We have an unusual situation, Asset: We’ve just neutralized Maxime Renaud, our former cytptography expert, in the middle of a crowded shipping depot near Pittsburgh. To avoid detection, our assassin was forced to stow Renaud’s body in the back of a tractor trailer that departed shortly after.

Based on the truck’s itinerary, we anticipate that the driver will stop to rest somewhere outside St. Louis. Thta willl be your one opportunity to extract and dissapear the body before it’s discovered. Time to hit the road.

Nobodies After Death Mission 4 – Operation Undertaker Walkthrough

Intro to nobodies after death level 4: Our intel team has delivered, Asset. While researching our disgraced field agent Richard Torres, the team discovered that a man with that name was reportedly buried in a Guadalajara cemetery the day before Torres’s betrayal. Sure enough, we just found Torres at that cemetery, where he was retrieving money and passports from his false grave.

Do us all a favor and go give Richard a proper burial.

Nobodies After Death Mission 5 – Operation Stowaway Walkthrough

Intro to nobodies after death level 5: Our assassin will take care of Frederickson before you arrive. However, your objective is not to hide the body. Instead, you must determine the identity of Frederickon’s contact and frame them for the murder. We need this person alive and detained in case they have information on other defectors.

We’ve determined the following about the contact based on intercepted communications: Male. Medical doctor. Beach and tennis enthusiast.

Nobodies After Death Mission 6 – Operation Canary Walkthrough

Intro to nobodies after death level 6: It’s time you knew, Asset: the intel that our rogue agents stole was research into Hemlock, the very bioweapon that Q-100 was developing in the ’80s. Now, that research has fallen into new and dangerous hands.

We don’t know much about this Terra Nova group yet, but we do know that they operate a small coastal mine near Makassar, Indonesia. Our assassin has just taken care of Bimba Bulan, the mine’s chief geologist. Make sure our actions stay underground.

Nobodies After Death Mission 7 – Operation Caldera Walkthrough

Intro to nobodies after death level 7: Another crucial win, Asset: we tracke down Terra Nova’s head microbiologist, Sofia Petrova, as she was collecting samples of a rare algae from Graywood National Park in Montana. Evidence suggests that compounds in the algae are essential to the Hemlock bioweapon, and they’re much more expensive to produce artificially.

Help keeep our parks clean, Asset.

Nobodies After Death Mission 8 – Operation Midnight Walkthrough

Intro to nobodies after death level 8: Once again, Asset, it’s time to follow the money. And a massive wire transfer just landed in an off-shore account belonging to noted Italian chemist Lorenzo Russo. Years ago, Russo was suspected of making his fortune assisting the Soviet’s with a short-lived chemical weapons program, but the investigation was abruptly dropped for undisclosed reasons.

Nobodies After Death Mission 9 – Operation Midnight Walkthrough

Intro to nobodies after death level 9: You’ve done tremendous work, Asset #1080; we’ve slowed Terroa Nova’s progress, but now we need to stop them completely. And to do that, we first need to send them a message.

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