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ExoMiner Guide – Science Points, Astronauts, Relics, etc

In this walkthrough, we will be taking a look into the game, exominer. This strategy game lets the player start building mines on exotic planets and collecting valuable ores. You use these ores to smelt bars/alloys, craft items, upgrade research to progress further, and sell ores for money that can be used to upgrade your mines.

If you have ever played games in the idle genre (such as idle heroes), you’ll know one main benenfit is progression while idle. In this game’s case, you’ll craft items, smelt bars, and collect resouces while you are offline. Just remember to come back every few hours because the idle progression does cap.

Exominer Resource Deposits

Resource Deposits are the mines on your planet.

Each mine will have the following elements..

  • Resource
  • Yield
  • Rate/s
  • Mined amount

You can upgrade these elements with cash you get from selling ores, items, or alloys in the game.

Upgrades include…

  • Mining Rate – increases the rate/s of mining the resources
  • Ship Speed – How fast the ship travels to base and back to deposit your resources
  • Cargo – How much resource your ship can hold when transporting back to base

Exominer Production

For production, you have smelting and crafting capabilities. You unlock both of these capabilities as you progress into the game in the early stages.

Both smelting and crafting now have “levels” associated. You can upgrade the level of each (to make them faster) by using relics you earn in game from ads, ranking up, or purchase.


Research is used to advance further into the game.

There are 5 main categories of research..

  • Explorer – vital for progressing further into the game. Unlocking the explorer research will let you find higher resource mining deposits. This allows you to make more money, make higher alloys, and craft higher items.
  • Crafting – upgrades help crafting efficiency. These include decreasing ingredients required, improving crafting speed, raising item values, and double crafting item chances.
  • Smelting – upgrades help smelting efficiency. These include decreasing ingredients required, improving smelting speed, raising alloy values, and double smelting alloy chances.
  • Resource deposit upgrades – These upgrades improve mining rate, ship speed, and cargo.
  • Planetary – When you reach lvl 20 and 40, you can use this to move onto the next planet and start over. Kind of like prestiging.


Astronauts play a big part in resource gathering. They can be assigned to mines of your choice and provide HUGE resource upgrades.

There are 4 classes of astronauts..

  • Common – The least helpful. Provides the smallest boost to one of the resource deposit elements
  • Rare – Somewhat helpful. Provides a small boost to 2 resource deposit elements.
  • Epic – Helpful. Provides a boost to all 3 resource deposit elements.
  • Legendary – Extremely helpful! Provides a HUGE boost to all 3 resource deposit elements!!

Your goal should be to obtain the most legendary astronaut cards you can get! For any of these cards, you have to open the crates with relics.

You should only open legendary crates. Legendary crates have the legendary and epic cards in them.

Exominer Science Points

Science points are not clear in the game. Many people have no idea what they do.

Science points are for upgrading your astronaut cards. There is currently no other use for them at this time.

You can obtain science points from either purchasing them for real money OR by opening crates.

Exominer Relics

Relics in exominer are a form of currency. They can be earned by watching ads, purchasing them for real money, or ranking up in the game.

Relics can be spent on..

  • Opening crates to obtain items such as astronauts
  • Leveling up your smelting and crafting production rates
  • Buying boosts

I put “opening crates” in bold because I believe this is the number 1 priority for using relics. Also, I’d recommend only opening the legendary crates. More on this next.

Obtaining Free Relics

You can get free relics by upgrading your Rank or by watching ads.

There is a neat trick to maximizing your relic awards from the ads. The max relics you can get is 30 from an ad.

When you can an ad for relics in the top right corner, click it. If the amount isn’t 30, click out of it and click the ad again. Each time you do this, the relic amount will change. Once it says 30, go ahead and watch the ad. Easy!


There are crates that can be opened to obtain items such as resources, boosts, cash, science points, and astronauts. These crates can only be opened using relics.

There are 3 crate types..

  • Common – 3 relics
  • Epic 6 relics
  • Legendary – 15 relics

My advice is to only open the legendary crates to obtain the legendary and rare astronauts. You’ll want these guys for the highest boosts available to your mines.

In addition, you’ll obtain science points. These are used to upgrade your astronaut cards.


In exominer, you have the option of using boosts to speed up progression! There are 8 boosts..

  • Mining boost – faster mining rate for all resource deposits.
  • Deposit Overdrive (very useful) – Pick a resource depositi to give x10 mining rate, ship speed, and ship cargo to for 5 minutes. Very useful for using on highest deposit mines to gain cash quickly.
  • Increase Idle Time – Adds 2 hours of additional idle time. The normal idle time is only 2 hours. If you know you are going to sleep or going to be off for a longer period, watch some ads (don’t spend relics on this!) to gain more time. You can only gain a maximum of 8 hours of idle time.
  • Cash Investment (least useful) – get cash equal to 10% of your planet value. Don’t waste relics on this one. You can gain more money from using deposit overdrive or time bender.
  • Boost Production (very useful) – I personally use this one often. 10x speed to crafting and smelting for 5 minutes. If you don’t feel like waiting for crafting higher end items (or any items), go ahead and use this. Make sure you are paying attention and have your requirements for your items running at the same time or rotate them out during this 5 minutes. Last thing you want to do is having a mini rover sitting idle because you ran out of circuits or bearings and didn’t know
  • Time Benders (1hr, 4hr, 24 hr) (very useful) – These get you everything equivalent of the time you pick. I use the 1 hr time bender often to get high items done quickly. Be sure to have all your item requirements planned out or stacked for the time you pick, otherwise you’ll waste it.

Exominer Strategy – How to Progress Fast!

The last thing to cover! Now that you have general knowledge of everything!

Basically, the best way to progress is to open up new mines ASAP. Do the research requirements for the new mines, gather enough money to buy the mines, AND place your highest astronauts in the mines! Dont forget that step!

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Final Thoughts

Thats all there is! I hope you enjoyed this guide! Found anything useful? Have any feedback or did I miss something that needs to be added? Please let me know by placing a comment below. I’ll be sure to get back to you, thanks!


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