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Cube Escape Case 23 Walkthrough

This guide will help you figure out how to solve the cube escape case 23 puzzle room by Rusty Lake! The videos below will show you the complete guide through chapter 1, 2, 3, and 4. At the end, there will be an “all achievements” video, if you are only looking for those.

Cube Escape Case 23 Chapter 1

The video below shows you the full guide on how to navigate through the 1st chapter of the game.

Cube Escape Case 23 Chapter 2

The video below shows you how to complete chapter two in this escape game series.

Chapter 3

Guide to help you complete chapter three of case 23 which gets your through the tile puzzle.

Chapter 4

The last walkthrough for the last chapter in case 23.

Developer/Game Details

This clicker escape room/puzzle game was developed by Rusty Lake. These devs have created several other similar games around the point and click puzzle/escape room style genre. Below are the other games they created with guides and walkthroughs on how to complete each one.


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