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Crossing Void Accelerator

Down below are the skills, cross skills, stats, awakenings, and exclusive talent of the accelerator character in crossing void. The stats show for each rarity level.

Accelerator Gameplay

Check out the video by LKJ

Accelerator (Main)

Battle / Attack

  • Main: Area Damage
  • Accelerator gains 3 stacks of Battery Power at the start of battle and an additional 1 stack every turn.

Crossing Void Accelerator Stats

  • Speed: 530
Crit +2%+1.5%+1%+0.5%

Exclusive Talent

Vector Control: Each stack of battery power increases damage. Also gains Reflect when not moving.


  • Random Vector Operation: 2 SP, Area Damage Physical Damage (243% ATK) to all enemies and uses 2 stacks of battery power. (+2.03% per skill level)
  • Unknown Black Wings: 6 SP, Area Damage Arcane Damage (349.65% ATK) to all enemies. Gains reflect (37.5% ATK for 3 turns). Uses 2 stacks of battery power. (+2.91%, +0.31% per skill level)
  • Plasma: 12 CP, Area Damage Arcane Damage (175.5% ATK) to every enemy and uses all battery power. Every stack of battery power used increases the damage by 100%. Plasma refreshed when Accelerator gains 5 stacks of battery power. CP cost increases when Plasma is used. (+1.46% per skill level)

Cross Skills

  • Top of Academy City (Mikoto): 5 SP, Area Damage – Physical Damage and Arcane Damage (181.5% each ATK) to all enemies. (+3.63% per star level)
  • Muhahaha (Izaya): 4 SP, Area Damage – Physical Damage (221.62% ATK) to all enemies and inflicts Backfire on enemies with removable Bleed or Backfire (65% ATK, 1 turn). (+4.43%, +1.3% per star level)
  • Strongest vs Weakest (Touma): 4 SP, Area Damage – Arcane Damage (307.8% ATK) to all enemies. Touma’s support skill deals increased damage (+24%, 2 turns)(+6.16% per star level)

Crossing Void Accelerator Awakenings

1Plasma: Gain 2 more stacks of Battery Power at the start of battle.
2Base ATK +5%
3Awoken card face and illustration
Plasma: Keep up to 2 stacks of Battery Power after using Plasma.
4Awoken Hue
Base PDEF +5%
Base ADEF +5%
5Awoken player icon
Vector Control: Base damage increase improved to 0.36%


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