Crossing Void Tier List

Welcome to our crossing void tier list! Below we have laid out a filterable table which shows every character breakdown by main and support roles.

crossing void tier list

Before we show the tier list, we want to make sure that you understand hero cross skills. These are important to note as these special abilities are only active when certain support and main heroes are paired together. In most cases, you don’t need to always have cross skills active. Some heroes are better off without it. For example, Shana is better with a high-attack support hero.

For the type in the table, we refer to the following.

  • AoE – Area of Effect damage
  • ST – Single Target damage
  • Assist – Healer / Utility

Below is a tier list for main and support heroes in crossing void global. Main heroes are the heroes who will be the main ones on the battlefield fighting and the support heroes are the ones who back them up. All the characters provide value in some way, some of them better than others. We broke them down into ratings, types, roles, and gave a brief description for each character. You can filter through the table as you wish.

Please note that this list will be updated as the game roles out new characters, updates, and versions. This list is not an official list and should not be taken to heart. The list is based on experienced gameplay through the game with all characters. If you have suggestions or comments, or just want to discuss, please leave a comment below and we will reply ASAP!

If you want more information for each character, please click on the characters name. You will be taken to their full stats including skills, talents, awakenings, and cross skills for both main and support characters.

Crossing Void Tier List

(Main and Support)

SKuroyukihimeSTMain1 of the best destructive single target damage dealers in game with strong climax, passive, and cross skills.
SMikotoAoEMainHigh AoE damage, bleed, and modifiers with low cost abilities.
SAliceAoEMainThe best tank in game with a hard-hitting climax.
STaigaSTMainDeals a very powerful climax to front enemies
SShanaAoEMainHigh damage and low cost AoE bleed and pairs with any support quite well.
SMiyukiAoEMainHigh AoE damage, dispel, and attack who pairs well with any support.
A+AsunaSTMain1 of the best single target damage dealers in the game with high attack growth.
AIzayaSTMainVery strong single target damage dealer but not one of the best.
AKojouAoEMainShould have Yukina as support for crossing as he can become quite strong with her.
AYukinaAoEMainGood AoE damage with low cost dispel. Very good secondary main DPS.
AKurokoSTMainStrong single target damage with poor crossings.
AQwenthurAoEMainCrossing skill with Frolaytia provides ver strong AoE bleed. Very good AoE DPS but with zero utility.
AKirinoSTMainGood for being a utility main.
AAkoAssistMainStrong crossing with Ryuuji. Good healer in expedition, but not needed anywher else for now.
B+EmiSTMainDecent single target damage dealer with very strong climax that can dispel.
B+TomokoAssistMainSimilar to Ako but weaker.
BShizuoAoEMainGood for being a tank.
BSelvariaAoEMainTank with decent AoE damage dealer. Can work good as secondary main DPS.
CRentaroSTMainGood for being a tank.
DKiritoAoEMainLow attack growth.
SZeroSTSupportStrong crossing with Miyuki with a high attack growth.
SKuroyukihimeSTSupport1 of the highest attack supports in this game.
SYukinaAoESupport1 of the highest attack supports in this game.
SAkoAssistSupportHealer character.
SFrolaytiaAssistSupportSupport with high attack growth.
SLlennSTSupportSupport with high attack growth.
SErioAssistSupportSupport with high attack growth, AoE heal and cleanse.
A+ToumaSTSupportHas high attack growth.
AMikotoAoESupportHas high AoE damage and modifiers with low cost abilities.
ABoogiepopSTSupportHas high attack growth and high front damage.
ACeltyAoESupportHas high attack growth.
AKuronekoAoESupportGood for AoE dispel.
AMashiroSTSupportGood cross skills which all allies get dmg and crit dmg up for 2 turns
AAliciaAoESupportWill increase the enemy damage taken.
AMiyukiAoESupportHas high AoE damage and attack with an AoE dispel.
AKirinoSTSupportGood physical and arcane dmg to enemies.
BSelvariaAoESupportWill reduce the enemy healing received for several turns and has decent AoE DPS.
BRusianAoESupportHigh attack growth.
BWilhelminaSTSupportFront damage.
BRyuujiAssistSupportEmi + Ryuuji can be a good combo. AoE cleanse and casts a shield on the target when a cleanse is successful.
CInnocent CharmAssistSupportIncrease the damage of all allies for 1 turn.
CLeafaAssistSupportAoE heal and dot cleanse.
CEnjuAoESupportReduces the enemies damage dealt for 1 turn.
CUiharuAssistSupportAoE cleanse.
CHaruyukiSTSupportIncreases the enemies damage taken for 1 turn and has middle physical damage.
CShizuoSTSupportFront physical damage.
CDokuroAssistSupportLow attack growth but she can bless allies in order to prevent them from dying for a few rounds when taking fatal damage.
DHaviaSTSupportEnemy healing reduction.
DKinoSTSupportEnemy healing reduction.
DRentaroSTSupportNot a very good character.
DKiritoAoESupportEnd of the totem pole with very low attack growth.

Crossing Void Global Tier List Video

If you prefer a youtube video, check the video below. It is by feeblemind.

Wrapping up

Hope our tier list helped! Did you find anything wrong or would like to add? Please let us know below in the comments so we can update our guide and improve it. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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