COD Mobile Battle Royale Classes Guide

COD Mobile Battle Royale Classes Guide

In this guide, we will be taking you through each of the 9 classes (as of this writing) in the COD Mobile Battle Royale game mode. Each class has a unique ability and skill that can be used in game. You can use the abilities multiple times throughout the match after they regenerate over a period of time. Check each one below.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Classes Ranked

Prefer to watch a video on the classes ranked? Have a look below.

Medic Class

cod mobile medic class
medic class
  • Equipment – The medic class comes with a medical station that can be set down on the field to heal you and your allies. This comes in clutch especially in the heat of a battle! Very useful for both solo and team games!
  • Skill – The Medic skill reduces time required for healing and bring back knocked down teammates by 25%. Again, this is mostly a support class that should be heavily considered for use when on a team.

Clown Class

cod mobile clown class
clown class
  • Equipment – This toy bomb is kinda cool! When you throw it out, it summons zombies that attack units near them. The zombies are very troublesome for the enemy and will get in the way! They take decent amount of damage to kill and keep running after and smacking the enemy.
  • Skill – The anti-zombie skill basically makes the player less prone to zombies following them. This is useful against other players using this class and zombies on the map.

Defender Class

cod mobile defender class
defender class
  • Equipment – The transform shield places a transformable and flashing shield on the ground, blinding enemies that are in front of it on initial placement. Can be very efficient in protecting from bullet damage! Very useful for team battles and solo battle.
  • Skill – The reinforced skill will reduce dmage from all sources except gunfire by 20%. Almost like a juggernaut for explosives!

Ninja Class

cod mobile ninja class
ninja class
  • Equipment – the grapple hook shoots a hook that pulls you to the target. It ismainly used to get on top of buildings or high rock areas. Great for making space for sniping or assault rifle battles!
  • Skill – Want to sneak up on your enemy? Dead silence reduces the sound when moving. In Solo, run right up behind the enemy and stab them in the back with a knife without them even knowing!

Scout Class

cod mobile scout class
scout class
  • Equipment – The sensor dart, when shot, gives hostile positions away on the radar map. If you need to see someone camping in a building or area, shoot one of these unique pieces of equipment in there and find out where they are!
  • Skill – Tracker will show the enemy footprints for several seconds. Track your enemy right into the building and find out where they are hiding.

Mechanic Class

cod mobile mechanic class
mechanic class
  • Equipment – The EMP drone will do a continuous EMP interference to hostile enemies that are within range. If you decide to put it out without anyone nearby, it will follow you around for a few minutes before dissappearing. Once you spot an enemy nearby, it will automatically lock onto them and conduct an EMP lighting on them.
  • Skill – Engineer grants augmented sight, making vehicles, traps, and equipment visible within 80 meters on the map. Never be surprised by a hostile trap again!

Airborne Class

This class must be bought from store.
cod mobile airborne class
airborne class
  • Equipment – The ejection device deploys a catapult that ejects your team into the air and triggers wingsuit gliding. Awesome to get away from intense battles! Very useful for grouping the team back together away from the fight to reload ammo and regian health to jump back in the battle.
  • Skill – The lightweight skill reduces descent speed while using the wingsuit so you come down faster.

Trickster Class

 This class must be bought from store. 
cod mobile trickster class
trickster class
  • Equipment – The psychosis skill uses two holographic decoys and a major speed boost to confuse your enemies.
  • Skill – Alert will allow you to hear your enemy’s footsteps easier with a wider range of hearing.

Trap Master Class

cod mobile trap master class
cod mobile trap master class

Trap Master Trip Wire Kills Video

Watch the video below to see the trip wire.

  • Equipment – With the electric trip wire, you can route a high voltage current line at a chokepoint. The enemies passing through it will take damage and movement speed will decrease. Perfect time for a surprise battle for you to win!
  • Skill – The territorial effect increases the movement speed and skill recharge speed of nearby allies. Have your teammates recharge their skills faster and move quicker!
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