Call of Duty Mobile Best Guns

Call of Duty Mobile Best Guns

Below, we list the best guns in call of duty mobile. In addition, check out the video for a more visual approach to the best guns!

Call of Duty Mobile Best Guns Chart

TierWeapon Name
SHBRa3, AK117, DL Q33, MSMC, S36
AMan-O-War, Type 25, KN-44, AK-47, Locus, RUS-79U, PDW-57
BASM10, M16, BK57, LK24, Arctic.50, Razorback, HG 40, UL736, M4LMG
CICR-1, M4, XPR-50, M21 EBR, Pharo, Chicom, RPD
DKRM-262, BY15, HS2126, HS0405, Striker

Call of Duty Mobile Best Guns for Ranked Video

Watch this video by iFerg. He goes into depth for the top 5 guns he thinks is the best in cod mobile for ranked play.


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