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Rangers of Oblivion Bows Guide – Specializations, Equipment, Accessories

Rangers of Oblivion is a third-person action RPG video game developed by NetEase and GTArcade. It is designed to bring exciting gameplays with exceptional graphics to touch devices. It has all the traditional MMO quests along with a hybrid genre of combing zone-based worldwide quests and combats with extraordinary good graphics.

To combat with large monsters in this game which are called Behemoths, you require skilled weaponry if you want to stand a chance against these gigantic ferocious beasts. One of the bows in rangers of oblivion which is most used and quite useful is the Longbow which provides quite a lot of benefits to your character.

Rangers of Oblivion – All Bows Specializations


A longbow provides you with a firm balance between agility and power on the battlefield. You can hit your target delivering massive blows all the while remaining away from danger which provides you with defensive advantage.

The longbow has quite a few skills that prove to be beneficial on the battle ground when combating monsters. Those skills include the following:

  • Rain of Arrows: Shower arrows on your targeted area.
  • Power Shot: Fire direct hits with arrows at your targets.
  • Multi-shot: Fire arrows in a wide spread area in front of you.

This is one of the oldest weapon mankind has used for dangerous hunting which requires safe distance kills. However, the longbows used in this game are longer, heavier and larger in size than normal arrows to be compatible with the behemoths. When the longbow is released after a full-draw, it pierces throw the Behemoth’s hide and inflicts considerable damage to its limbs.

Although the damage is less brutal than that of close range weapons, however the true merits of the Longbow actually lie in its ability to inflict steady stream of damages on the limbs of the Behemoth. Moreover, its strategic attack range allows it to damage parts of the monster that would be difficult or near impossible for other close range weaponry to induce.

The longbow equip armor differs from their short range counterparts.  The light gear allows the Ranger to have swift easy mobility at the expense of weaker defense capabilities however. Which is why, it is extremely important to be alert of the Behemoths movements and distance as close proximity can be dangerous. Top longbow Rangers possess a great intuition for combat thus let the rain of arrows shower deadly strikes from a distance.

How to Use Bow Skills

Equipment Evolution

Let’s consider the different types of Longbows and the damages they produce.

Longbow – Normal

The normal Longbows are a twin pair of set with strong and high basic attack power. However, they do not possess any elemental damage power.

Elemental Longbows

These twin bows like any other elemental bows divide their basic power in half and uses the other half of the power for elemental power attack. These bows include the Frost, Poison, Fire, and Lightning Longbows.

Longbow – Status

Status Longbows like other elemental longbows divides half of its basic power and uses it for an elemental power attack. However, the elemental power does not provide bonus damage. This power is instead used to paralyze or stun the enemy but does not do damage.

Best Longbow

rangers of oblivion longbow

There are six main longbows so the question arises, which is the best one? The best out of these is the Ancestor’s Warbow as it produces steady and incredible damage to any enemy as none of these beasts are physically immune yet.

Many Rangers prefer the Ice Bow as it yields great damage power and no beasts are resistant to ice. However, this is only the case in current games. When the game is updates, there is no telling what the Behemoths would be immune to.

The best way to go is for the Physical crit bow instead of an elemental one.


There are sets of equipment that work and the common sets are as follows:

Goros Set

This set comes with a high damage base. You can charge up and roll as much as your heart wants.

Saphros Set

This comes with a great S set, both precision and savagery are best for crit builds. Moreover Skilled is great for reducing skill cooldowns.

Abomination Set

This is the most commonly used by archers, it provides 20 extra point of precision which greatly increases the chances to crit. It also makes reaching 30 Merciless easy and for Savagery. Which is why it is best for pure damage.

Mixed Set

If you have good knowledge of the sets, then you can mix things up and create your very own personal setup. This helps in avoiding negative S skills.


rangers of oblivion accessories

You can pick and choose for accessories that prove most beneficial for you. The accessories include:

  • Rings: These are usually responsible for providing you with extra S skill points.
  • Horses: These are recommended for you to acquire at the very last when you have all the other accessories in your possession.
  • Necklace: you should prioritize crit damage over attack power and crit chance.
  • Runes: The ones that you acquire at later stages are stronger which holds true for Longbow Runes.
  • Wild Souls: All wild souls are good and there is no best one. Just go for the one which suits you most.


Longbows inflict considerable damage on enemies and are the oldest most efficient weapons known to humankind. Not only do they provide heavy damage from all sides which the other weapons cannot, it also provides a strategic power point as you can attack from a long range.

The Longbows have elemental powers which can provide strict blows leaving heavy damage. Moreover, they can paralyze your enemy and give you a chance to safely let the cooldowns occur for your next blows.

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