Otherworld Legends Overview – A Rogue-Like 2D Dungeon Crawler

Otherworld Legends is a rogue-like 2D dungeon crawler type game developed by a small mobile indie studio called Chilly Room. They are quite an underdog gaming studio that is slowly gaining popularity among mobile gamers.

They released Soul Knight way back in 2017. This didn’t catch mainstream spotlight back then but has amassed over 1 million world wide downloads since inception. This is because the studio’s consistent support and regular updates.

We will now check out Otherworld Legends. Let’s see if this new game is able to stand out from the plethora of rogue-like titles on the app store. Will it be as fun and consistent as Soul Knight? WIll it amass a big compassionate player base that loves the game to its core? Maybe.

Other World Legends Game Design

otherworld legends gameplay

Otherworld Legends, being a rogue-like 2D game, follows quite the same style as other game games in the genera. The title does have some noticeable differences which gives the game a unique experience. 

For starters, unlike other rogue-like 2D games, Otherworld Legends playstyle is very much different. The developers at Chilly Room studios have gone with an action-based fight mechanics. They stayed away from the prevalent hack and slash system that is in many similar titles.

To add a bit of flavor in the mix, rather than having its play through with just one character, the game allows players to choose from a multitude of playable characters. This makes the game design of Otherworld Legends not only diverse but also quite a bit enjoyable to play for a surprisingly long time. The multiple playable characters are not there as just different skins for the same type of playstyle.

Overworld Legends Characters And Fight Mechanics

otherworld legends characters

The game has a total of 6 playable characters for now where the players are given the control of just one character, Quan, who is quite badass. Then the players can either grind through the game to unlock the other characters and end the game or just pay their way through the grind. Yes you can just get the characters and the items by spending real money.

Each of the characters has a unique set of skills that are quite different from each other and, as mentioned before, provide a very different type of playstyle that is unusually fun, to say the least. 

The game follows through a dungeon crawler style play with different bosses and enemies scattered through in separate areas. Players can use the characters at hand to fight off the enemies through a set of attacks, dodges, and special moves. One complaint that I have with the game is that it does not allow plays to simultaneously attack in all directions. The enemies can just mob out on a character and you become easy prey if there are too many enemies charging out at you simultaneously.

The game also does not allow vertical and angled attacks, which is a bummer. That being said, developers are improving the game constantly and many improvements can be expected from the developers going forward.

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