Guest Post Contribution

Want to contribute to your favorite mobile gaming website (mobilegamershq)? We are actively taking guest posts from anybody who has an interest for the mobile gaming niche.

We are really looking for anything to do with mobile gaming such as trending topics, news, mobile game walkthroughs, game guides, tips, tricks, best mobile games, etc! The list goes on! We are growing at a fast pace so if you think of another topic let us know!

Guest Post Guidelines!

Very important! Please read the rules below!

  1. We will use Copyscape’s plagiarism tool to see if the content is unique. If any plagiarism is in there, we will reply to you and tell you to fix it.
  2. Article length will be more than 500 words.
  3. Don’t send us anything negative. General tone that gets the point across.
  4. Use the right grammer and punctuation. We don’t want to rewrite the article that you are contributing.
  5. The post will be 100% original content. Once you press send, you acknowledge that it now belongs to us.
  6. No promotion or sales articles.
  7. We allow 1 backlink to your website. Please supplement the article with 1 internal link to our website also.
  8. Send it to us in a word format.
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