FreeFire Battle Royale Overview

If you haven’t played FreeFire yet, are you really a fan of Battle Royale games? FreeFire is the one mobile Esport game that has captured more likes than both of the Tencent games. Extremely popular among people with its 500+ million downloads, FreeFire is still a favorite of the increasing gaming fan population.

FreeFire Background

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FreeFire was introduced to the world in the pique moments of Battle Royale games, when the Esport gaming industry was gaining more and more popularity. It’s been a long run but FreeFire still proudly holds the title of the most downloaded game on Google Play Store for consecutive 3 years.

FreeFire is developed with Unity 3D engine, the most useful and powerful game engine known for providing high quality software. The 111 Dots Studio is the one to be thanked for to design this amazing mobile game we know as FreeFire. The game not only has an absorbing gameplay but also has high quality HD graphics matched by only a few others.

All in the good cause, FreeFire was published by Garena. Indeed, a very popular studio for distributing world famous games to people like Call of Duty mobile, League of Legends, and Arena of Valor.

FreeFire Game Modes and Maps

Like all other Battle Royale games, FreeFire has multiple Game modes for players all around the world including

  • Classic
  • ClashSquad
  • Rush Hour
  • Kill Secured
  • Big Head

Although only Classic and Clash Squad modes are the staple ones, you can enjoy other three modes given for a specific period of time – usually based on a few days, or sometimes weeks.

As for the map on which the gameplay begins, three very interesting mysterious locations are waiting for players, i.e., Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari.

FreeFire Gameplay

FreeFire’s main mode is the Battle Royal Classic mode which became a big reason for its popularity. The mode starts with a total of 50 players who jump from the airplane and land anywhere on the map to collect loot. This includes various weapons, consumables, different scopes and much more. Your mission is to find and finish all other enemies, survive, and be the last man standing. The Classic mode can be played as solo, duo and squads. You can either play with your friends or with random players around the world.

The important thing for which you must keep your eyes open is the “Safe Zone”; it keeps shrinking slowly and gradually with time, forcing you to relocate and change your locations. You better be in that safe zone before it’s too late if you wish to win.

As the time passes, you’ll experience as random bombardments meant for causing random explosions and leaving behind poisonous miasma which can severely decrease your HP. Make sure to either seek cover in a building or run towards the path that leads out keep yourself safe.

The typical full-of-exploit, thrill and action Battle Royale match takes around 20 minutes to complete. The winner gets several in-game awards and titles.

Free Characters and Weapons

The best games are the ones that offer the most choices before stepping into the match. There are 30 characters you can choose from, many of them having their own backstories, skills, and charms.

As for the weapon choices, FreeFire has lined up countless weapons for you to pick your kill. These include pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, SMGs and sniper rifles as well. Each of them having their unique benefits depending upon circumstantial situations.

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