Psychic Squad Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Psychic Squad Chapter 6 Walkthrough will help you find all the hidden items, the codes to all the chests/box openings, and complete all the puzzles in the psychic squad series. Psychic squad is a set of similar series in Adventure Escape Mysteries, a category of hidden object/murder mystery games made by Haiku Games.


Venice – Jacqueline and Khaled race to stop Zeudi’s wedding. The truth comes out…but at what cost?

Psychic Squad Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Our video below will walk you through the challenging puzzles and finding the hidden objects so that you can pass this level. If it helps, please check out our other psychic squad chapter walkthrough guides below this video where you will find all the other chapters with links to each.

Check out the other psychic squad chapters down below if you need help.

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