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Echo Bay Murders Chapter 3 Walkthrough

This AE Mysteries Echo Bay Murders Chapter 3 walkthrough will help you complete the puzzle and finally move onto chapter 4 in the series. Echo Bay Murders chapter 3 is part of an ongoing Adventure Escape series made by Haiku Games. This series was released in December, 2021. In echo bay chapter 3, you must try to escape the kidnapper’s house.

Echo Bay Chapter 3 – Log Puzzle

Here is a picture of the log puzzle as requested by viewers. Full video below shows how to complete it.

echo bay chapter 3 log bridge puzzle

AE Mysteries Echo Bay Murders Chapter 3

See our walkthrough below which will guide you to complete various puzzles such as the animal weights and finding the cave.

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The Echo Bay Murders series escape room puzzle game was made by Haiku Games.


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