Merge Dragons Challenge 21 Final Win

merge dragons challenge 21
merge dragons challenge 21

Merge Dragons Challenge 21 walkthrough for the final win. This guide will take you on a step by step basis on completing the level and finally moving on! On the third win, you will get a moon dragon kid as a reward for winning this level! There are over 30 different challenges in merge dragons. These are sprinked throughout the quest map and each challenge completion you will win a dragon!

Merge Dragons Challenge 21 Walkthrough Video

Wondering how to beat merge dragons challenge 21? You can use this guide to help beat this challenge for the 1st try and 2nd try as well. Don’t worry, beating this challenge is quite possible! Watch our video below to learn how.

Merge Dragons Challenge Tips

In order to win this level, here are a few tips. Some of these tips you might already know, but we will post them here just in case.

  • The key here is you need to merge 5’s. If you miss just one 5 merge, you need to start over.
  • Have to memorize the level and sequence.
  • Be prepared to try over and over again. You might need to play challenge 21 over multiple times to gain muscle memory.
  • Multitasking is key on this challenge. You are crunched for time and need to multitask efficiently.

Keep in mind that the challenge might be hard because of the time constraint. Just keep trying and don’t give it. The more times you consecutively play, the better you become!


You have finally won the challenge! It was probably easier than you thought! Did our guide help you win? Did you find anything wrong or missing from our walkthrough? If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to leave us a comment down below. We will reply back as soon as possible. If you still have trouble with this challenge, also let us know below and we will try to help you out.


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