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Merge Dragons Challenge 11 Final Win

Merge Dragons Challenge 11 Walkthrough

Hello everyone and thansk for stopping by! This is our guide on how to beat challenge 11 in merge dragons! This walkthrough will take you on a step by step basis on completing challenge 11 and beating it for the final win! From completing it, you will win a tribal dragon and golden chest!

Challenge 11 Merge Dragons Video

We understand it might by challenging to read a guide on a gameplay walkthrough. We have also created our own video that will visually show you how to complete the challenge. Go ahead and click the video below and watch it now.

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Step by Step Guide

Below is our walkthrough with step by step instruction. We have taken screenshots of the gameplay at various steps in the guide to hopefully make it better understandable for you. If you are still lost after reading this guide, have a look at our video. The gameplay in the video should definately help you get through the challenge.

  • Start by merging three portal to make a dragon.
  • Hit both bone piles and merge them in five or higher amounts together.
  • Merge five or more lifesprouts to get two life flowers.
  • Start clicking the clouds and moving them over the land to make puddles.
merge dragons challenge 11 walkthrough
  • Get five puddles to make two lvl 2 puddles and bring those up to merge on super deadland.
  • Move the lvl 4 fruit tree over to the super deadland and merge those three.
  • Remember to keep clicking the clouds and getting puddles.
  • Now you can click the spotted dragon nest and merge five or more eggs to make more dragons.
challenge 11 merge dragons
  • Keep having your dragons harvest life essence to free up the dead land in the new section.
  • You need to collect enough puddles to make three lvl 2 fledging puddles.
  • In addition to that, once those rocks are destroyed by dragons, lvl 1 fresh stones will become available. You need to make sure you harvest three moss stones from this and merge them. This will be used for a later merge.
  • Once you have three fledging puddles lvl 2, megre them into a lvl 3 puddle.
  • Merge three lvl 3 puddles in bottom right into a lvl 4 water.
  • Now bring that lvl 4 water up to the top to make a super deadland merge.
  • Go ahead and heal that deadland brush that is in front of the two glowing life flowers.
  • Now move the newly healed life flower to merge three glowing life flowers on the super deadland.
  • Have you rdragons destroy the rocks on the top to get them out of the way.
  • If you haven’t already, merge your three moss stones into a living stone.
  • Merge three living stones to clear land.
merge dragons challenge 11 walkthrough
  • Now clear the watering hole with life essence.
  • Move that one and the previous one up to the deadland watering hole and merge three.
  • Finally, click the green life healing arrow and merge the sattues quick to win the challenge!

Final Words

Did this guide help you win? Still having problems or issues with this challenge? If you have any feedback, problems, or found our guide useful, please let us know by leaving a comment below or on our video walkthrough. We answer any and all questions you have and reply to any feedback. Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!

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